'The Morning Show' Season 2 Trailer: Everyone Looks Miserable In The Second Season Of The Hit Apple TV+ Show

Things are tense and everyone looks unhappy in the first The Morning Show season 2 trailer. The Apple TV+ series that stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon is returning in September, and based on this trailer, none of the characters are enjoying themselves. There's even a creepy, slowed-down version of "New York, New York," as if this were a horror movie. Spooky!

The Morning Show Season 2 Trailer 

When Apple TV+ first launched, it was met with a bit of a shrug. Despite lining up tons of high-profile talent, a lot of the original content announced for the streaming service seemed to lack a certain spark. But one of the original shows that got people's attention was The Morning Show, a series that was once going to be a wacky comedy about working in the world of TV that then morphed into something a bit more serious.

Apple TV+ has improved its standing, releasing memorable shows like Ted Lasso and landing big movies like Martin Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon. So where does The Morning Show stand now? I don't know, but the series is returning on September 17, and the trailer for the new season looks incredibly bleak. Everyone is seen here with miserable, frightened, or angry looks on their faces as a creepy version of "New York, New York" plays over it all. Who will survive The Morning Show, and what will be left of them?

Season 2 Introduces a New Character

In the first season of The Morning Show, the series explored "the cutthroat world of morning news and the lives of the people who help America wake up in the morning. Told through the lens of two complicated women working to navigate the minefield of high-octane jobs while facing crises in both their personal and professional lives, The Morning Show is an unapologetically candid drama that looks at the power dynamics between women and men, and women and women, in the workplace."

Season 1 ended with Jennifer Aniston's character Alex quitting UBA after exposing the network's toxic work environment. Alex quitting left her co-host Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) on her own, and in season 2, Bradley finds an ally in new character Laura Peterson, played by Julianna Margulies.

"Laura started kind of like a Dateline show. She's a UBA star and an icon at a Diane Sawyer level," showrunner Kerry Ehrin told EW. "We wanted to create a mentor figure for Bradley that was somebody who does things differently."

Will Alex return to the network? Will Bradley's hair color change from brunette to blonde be explained? Will Steve Carell's character get off the couch? Tune in to find out.