Loki Has Returned For Meet-And-Greets At Disney Theme Parks, But He's Now A Prisoner Of The TVA

Just because we're waiting for the arrival of another feature-length entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't mean there's not plenty of new Marvel stories to tell from Disney. This week marks the arrival of Loki, the new limited series on Disney+ that brings back everyone's favorite God of Mischief (I won't tell you his name, but I encourage you to look at the show's title for a hint).

And the Disneyland Resort is getting in on the fun, with a new meet-and-greet opportunity with Loki and his newest frenemies.

With the Avengers Campus having opened at Disney California Adventure, there's plenty of Marvel heroes you can meet, from Spider-Man to the members of the Dora Milaje. But now, according the Disney Parks blog, you can also meet Loki in his prison gear from the Time Variance Authority, along with a handful of Minutemen from the TVA. (If you haven't watched the premiere of Loki yet, the Time Variance Authority is the group that snatched Loki after he escaped with the Tesseract in the alternate timeline created in Avengers: Endgame. Also, if you haven't watched the premiere of Loki yet, you should! It's good!)

A Glorious Purpose: to Pose for Photos With Disney Theme Parkgoers

That post from the Disney Parks Blog also showcases a recent TikTok from the Disney Parks account where you can see Loki in his original horned-suit getup, before turning into his TVA-prisoner garb. (Also, a light spoiler, but Loki's reference to "glorious purpose" lines up to a major throughline of the premiere episode.) The guy playing Loki in the TikTok does a solid enough impression of Tom Hiddleston, even though it's awfully hard to replace the real thing.

Those of you unable to visit the Disneyland Resort anytime soon, including those of us who aren't anywhere near the Disney theme parks, will be glad to know that there's plenty of merchandise to get your mitts on, everywhere from Disney Springs to the shopDisney website. The available T-shirts so far, which the Disney Parks Blog discussed after the Loki meet-and-greet, are...well, frankly, they're fine. But one of the many appealing aspects of Loki so far is the distinctive blend of architectural brutalism and 1960s-era design touches, none of which are that present in these shirts. Hopefully as the show continues, the merch will be more reflective of the show's design aesthetic. For now, it's encouraging to see the parks responding in close to real time to incorporate new Disney stories for guests.