Marvel's 'Loki' Early Buzz: Tom Hiddleston And Owen Wilson Shine In This Time-Hopping Crime Procedural

Marvel's Loki is arriving on Disney+ this week, bringing back Tom Hiddleston as The Avengers villain after he made his escape through time during the events of Avengers: Endgame. So how does the God of Mischief manage when he ventures out on his own? If the early buzz from critics who have seen the first two episodes of the series is any indicator, this could be the most satisfying, funny, nerdy, and entertaining Marvel Studios TV series yet.

Loki Early Buzz

We'll kick things off with a reaction from yours truly here at /Film, and I'm enjoying the hell out of this show so far:

Let's see what some of the other critics have to say, starting with our old pal Germain Lussier:

However, not everyone is over the moon for Loki. There's a little bit of dissension among the early reactions:

All-in-all, it seems like Loki is a hit with this first wave of reactions. General audiences might be tested by all the exposition that's required to explain the existence of the Time Variance Authority and how "The Sacred Timeline" works. But Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson as a time-hopping detective duo make the show thoroughly entertaining. There will be a lot to unpack in the six episodes of this series, but if the rest of the show can deliver more like this while also ramping up the stakes, then it's going to be something special.

Here's the official synopsis for Loki:

Watch Loki—the imperious God of Mischief—who, after absconding with the Tesseract, is a fish-out-of-water when he lands in a world of trouble with the bureaucratic TVA (Time Variance Authority) in the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios' "Loki."

Loki premieres on Disney+ starting on June 9, 2021 with new episodes following each Wednesday.