Cool Stuff: This Life-Size 'Joker' Bust Of Joaquin Phoenix Is Eerily Realistic

"When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?" If you have the cash to spend on this meticulously crafted life-size bust of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker, you'll be the one introducing your friends to Arthur Fleck. That's not a still from Joker in the image above, that's the life-size Joker bust created by Infinity Studios, and you won't believe how detailed it is.

Life-Size Joker Bust from Infinity Studios

Joker Life-Size Bust

This life-size Joker bust featuring the incredible likeness of Joaquin Phoenix in full clown make-up stands over 32-inches tall and is made of medical platinum silicone, polystone, fiber, and fabric for the signature suit. The bust itself sits on a Gotham City building style base where the back features the quote "Put on a happy face," looking as if it was written with a finger in dust.

I cant get over how realistic this Joker bust looks. From Joaquin Phoenix's real-life scar on his upper lip to those piercing blue eyes, it's just a perfect recreation of the actor's face. On top of that, the way the make-up is applied to the sculpted face even looks like actual make-up applied to human skin, right down to the imperfect smudges. It's truly astounding.

Joker Life-Size Bust

Now for the bad new: the life-size Joker bust is limited to 350 pieces and it will cost you a whopping $3,799.99. Since it's so expensive, you'll have to put down a $570 down payment at Big Bad Toy Store, and that's non-refundable if you decide you don't want the item anymore.