Netflix's Expensive 'Jupiter's Legacy' Series Has Been Canceled After One Season

After just a single season debuted on Netflix back at the beginning of May, Mark Millar's comic book superhero series Jupiter's Legacy starring Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb will not be returning for more. Though the word "canceled" hasn't officially been used, all of the Jupiter's Legacy cast members are being let out of their contractual commitments to return for more episodes. That means the show is pretty much done at Netflix, but Mark Millar doesn't seem so comfortable putting such a period on it. It sounds like his next show on the streaming service will actually expand the universe that Jupiter's Legacy established.

Here's what Mark Millar said in a statement he posted to Twitter on Wednesday:

"Jupiter's Legacy is a vast and rich space with lots of characters to mine, and so I'm happy to share that our next step here is a live-action version of the Supercrooks comic I created with Leinil Francis Yu a few years back. Given where we're going next, we've made the tough call of letting our incredible cast out of their show commitment as we continue to thoughtfully develop all realms of the Jupiter's Legacy saga. We're confident we'll return to it later and just want to say thanks to you guys for your continued support and to the cast and crew who made this look so great."

If you haven't heard of Supercrooks until now, the series follows "a ragtag gang of supervillains, con artists, petty thieves and leg-breakers who band together for the heist of the century and the most outrageous crime story you've ever seen in your life." The super villains of this new series will "have the time of their lives and make a little dirty money while they're doing it."

The synopsis also mentions, "If the superheroes get in the way, they're going to be spitting teeth." But with Jupiter's Legacy essentially canceled, does that mean there will be some new superheroes introduced? If so, will there be any mention of the characters audiences met in Jupiter's Legacy? That feels like a necessity if Mark Millar intends to return to that story in the future, especially since the first season ended with a huge reveal and a massive cliffhanger (which we won't spoil if you still plan to catch up with the show).

Millar saying he's confident they'll "return to it later" seems like more of a hope than a guarantee. Jupiter's Legacy was meant to kick-off a multi-season series, and there was a new comic book coming that would expand the story as well. Perhaps if Supercrooks is a success, there's a chance that some kind of proper crossover would allow the characters of Jupiter's Legacy to return. But even though Supercrooks takes place in the same universe as Jupiter's Legacy, I can't imagine Netflix will be eager to publicize that if they're abandoning the series for now. Even so, Supercrooks already has a full season order.

For Millar's part, he's proudly pivoting over to Supercrooks, saying:

"I've always loved crime stories, from Scorsese to Tarantino, and supervillains are always the most fun part of any superhero story. To do something exclusively focused on the villains they fight just feels incredibly fresh as we explore what it's like to be a bad guy in a world crawling with good guys who want to put you in jail."

Let's just hope it's better than Jupiter's Legacy, which reportedly cost $200 million for this first season alone. If not, then Mark Millar may only have one more shot before he strikes out with Netflix, because an adaptation of his comic The Magic Order is now back in development after being creatively retooled last year. But it doesn't sound like that's off to a promising start, and we're not sure if James Wan is still on board to direct the pilot. Stay tuned.