'The Mosquito Coast' Renewed For Second Season By Apple TV+

The Mosquito Coast, the Apple TV+ series based on the book by Paul Theroux, is getting a second season. The show stars Justin Theroux and Melissa George and follows a family on the run from the United States government. The book was previously adapted into a 1986 movie starring Harrison Ford. Having not watched the show yet, I'm not entirely sure how they're getting more than one season out of one book, but I'll let the folks running the show worry about that.

Apple TV+ revealed the news today about The Mosquito Coast season 2. "The Mosquito Coast has captured the imagination of viewers all over the world, not only because of its adrenaline-fueled action and adventure but also for the engaging family story and captivating performances at its heart," said Matt Cherniss, Apple's head of programming. "We can't wait to find out what comes next for the Fox family, and for audiences to continue to experience the thrill ride."

The series comes from Neil Cross, based on the best-selling book by Paul Theroux. It's described as a "gripping adventure and layered character drama following the dangerous journey of a radical idealist and brilliant inventor, Allie Fox (played by Justin Theroux), who uproots his family for Mexico when they suddenly find themselves on the run from the US government." But taking the family on the run only exposes them to "more danger than ever," and "At every turn of their adventure, they encounter increasing threats and intensifying moral choices from which there's no turning back."

Justin Theroux, Melissa George, Logan Polish, and Gabriel Bateman star. Star Justin Theroux is the nephew of Mosquito Coast novelist Paul Theroux, making the show a family affair. "I think he just wants everything off his back and by proxy, his family's too," Justin Theroux previously said of his character. "We probably saw elements of this guy a lot during the pandemic, when everyone fled New York and wanted to buy a place upstate. He's the one that takes it just that much further. I think he's slightly embittered by not being recognized. Maybe that's just his ego. The way his life has treated him makes him go, 'That's it, we're striking out. We're going to cross the border and throw a grenade over our shoulder, because America is done.'"

The seven-episode series was created for television and executive produced by Neil Cross. Executive producers also include author Paul Theroux, star Justin Theroux, Rupert Wyatt, and Edward L. McDonnell. Alan Gasmer, Peter Jaysen, and Bob Bookman also serve as executive producers for Veritas Entertainment Group. Developed by Neil Cross & Tom Bissell, The Mosquito Coast is a Fremantle Production for Apple TV+. The season 1 finale premieres on Apple TV+ this Friday, June 4.