The Newest Episode Of Netflix's 'Snyder School' Is All About Color (Or Lack Thereof) In 'Army Of The Dead'

Zack Snyder's relationship with color is pretty well-known. He's a filmmaker with specific aesthetic tastes, most of them being very desaturated or just black-and-white altogether. But at least he's aware of this. In the latest episode of Snyder School, a four-part YouTube series released by Netflix in the wake of Snyder's zombie heist thriller Army of the Dead, Snyder admits, "I do love black and white photography, I always have. I've always been a fan of slightly desaturated and high contrast imagery. That's just aesthetically what I'm attracted you. And so yeah, I've pushed that pretty far."

Watch the latest Snyder School episode, which is all about Snyder's use of color (or lack thereof). And also music, because why not?

Snyder School: Making the Cut

Snyder goes deep on his use of sound design, music, color, and editing in the latest episode of Snyder School, titled "Making the Cut."

"I'm a strong believer in aesthetic, first," Snyder says. "Aesthetic is everything, in my opinion. You have the way you see." He continues:

"I kind of feel when I sit down to look at the color of a movie, it's an aesthetic thing. I just make it look like how I like looking at it. It's mostly that's the work. I don't think think about it in a color wheel way. I have no issues with the color wheel and knowing complimentary colors is a great place to start... To me, I'd prefer that you do the work of understanding what you do like or what you do want, and then you can point everyone much more sharply in that direction."

This is the third of four episodes that are part of the so-called Snyder School. The series, which is available exclusively on the Netflix Film Club on YouTube, looks at how Snyder "built the world of Army of The Dead and many of the other films that he has brought to life. Also delving into the lessons he's learned in terms of craft, this is the ultimate Zack Snyder film school."

Here's a breakdown of all of the episodes:

  • 'Snyder School' Episode 1 | Opening Titles | May 24, 2021 Release
  • Zack Snyder explores how he approaches opening title sequences, as a way to establish the tone and world of a film

  • 'Snyder School' Episode 2 | Lights, Camera, Action | May 27, 2021 Release
  • How Zack Snyder uses cinematography, and how he approaches choreographing and shooting action scenes

  • 'Snyder School' Episode 3 | Making the Cut | June 1, 2021 Release
  • Zack Snyder explains how he uses editing, color, music and sound design in his films

  • 'Snyder School' Episode 4 | World Building | June 7, 2021 Release
  • All of Zack's films have involved an alternate universe, whether it's superheroes, zombies, or a comic book reality. How does he approach building a cinematic universe?