Newest Episode Of 'Snyder School' Shows How Zack Snyder Shot 'Army Of The Dead'

Let Zack Snyder take you to school, with the latest episode of, well, Snyder School. In a four-part YouTube series, the filmmaker goes in-depth on the making of Army of the Dead, his new zombie heist thriller on Netflix. This episode: cinematography.

Snyder School Army of the Dead – Cinematography

Snyder juggles a ridiculous number of jobs on Army of the Dead: director, co-writer, producer, and director of photography. The filmmaker takes control of the cinematography himself in Army of the Dead, giving him total creative control of his vision for the zombie heist thriller.

"It was really for taking responsibility for the experimental nature of what I wanted to do," Snyder says in the latest Snyder School episode, titled "Lights, Camera, Action." He added, "And if it was a complete f***-up, then it would be all my fault, and I was fine with that."

Snyder explains the different cameras he used, the various lenses, and how he adjusted the lighting and more while shooting the movie himself. There's lots of behind-the-scenes footage of Snyder getting in on the action with a camera on his shoulders, almost proving himself as acrobatic as the performers playing zombies in his films (okay, that might be an exaggeration since few are as acrobatic as those folks).

This is the second of four videos that are part of the so-called Snyder School. The series, which will be available exclusively on the Netflix Film Club on YouTube, promises to look at how Snyder "built the world of Army of The Dead and many of the other films that he has brought to life. Also delving into the lessons he's learned in terms of craft, this is the ultimate Zack Snyder film school." Here's a breakdown of all of the episodes:

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