Marvel's 'Secret Invasion' Cast Adds 'Happy Gilmore' Villain Christopher McDonald

Christopher McDonald, one of those dependable character actors who might be best known for playing Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, is the latest actor to join Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion cast over at Disney+.

Deadline has the scoop that Christopher McDonald is joining the Secret Invasion cast. As is usually the case with these sorts of announcements, we don't know who McDonald is playing, but the Deadline story says he'll likely be "a newly created character that could cross over to the larger MCU, including appearing in movies and other Disney+ limited series." McDonald is a great character actor with a ton of credits, including Quiz ShowThe SopranosThe Perfect StormRequiem For a Dream, and of course, Happy Gilmore, just to name a few.

Secret Invasion is yet another Disney+ Marvel show, with a story based on the Marvel Comics crossover event of the same name. The comic story involved "a subversive, long-term invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, a group of alien shapeshifters who have secretly replaced many superheroes in the Marvel Universe with impostors over a period of years, prior to the overt invasion." But due to how the MCU has played out, the series likely won't be a direct adaptation of the comic book arc.Samuel L. Jackson is returning as Nick Fury, and Captain Marvel scene-stealer Ben Mendelsohn will also appear as Skrull character Talos. The rest of the cast includes Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Killian Scott.

Speaking about the show with Collider, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said:

"I mean, we're interested in the political paranoia aspect of Secret Invasion and really showcasing the stars with Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, two amazing actors that you want to have in any series, and we're very lucky to have them for that. That's the sort of primary focus of that and, of course, it will tie into other things and the Skrulls in ways you haven't seen before, but yes, anything could be anything. Wise words... But we wanted to do that as a series because it would allow us to do something different than we've done before."

Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim are the director's helming the series, which is expected to consist of six episodes. There's no official release date just yet, but we can expect to see Secret Invasion on Disney+ sometime in 2022.