VOTD: The DC Extended Universe Gets The Honor Of Being The 400th Honest Trailer

Ever since Marvel Studios successfully built their Marvel Cinematic Universe, every studio has been riding their coattails and trying to do the same. That's especially true for Warner Bros. Pictures and the DC Extended Universe they tried to create with director Zack Snyder after too many failed attempts at bringing Superman back to the big screen. So the studio said to hell with it  and allowed the creation of the film franchise that the 400th Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies calls the equivalent of a chaotic goth nerd who never lived up to their potential.

DC Extended Universe Honest Trailer

To be fair, the DC Extended Universe Honest Trailer doesn't place the blame fully on director Zack Snyder, who was clearly doing his best, for better or worse. Instead, they give some grief to Warner Bros., who did silly things like change the title of Birds of Prey after it came out, cancel films they already announced, publicly fight with franchise stars, and more.

Aside from the trouble behind the scenes, there are plenty of problems in front of the camera too. Whether it's villains that are eccentric wimps who have no business fighting superpowered demigods or superpowered demigods who are nothing but computer generated lumps of pixels, none of these movies seem to have an interesting villain among them.

But of course, Zack Snyder kicked off the DCEU with Man of Steel, continued it with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which introduced us to Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman, and tried to bring it all together with Justice League. So the DCEU Honest Trailer has to lay into him a little bit, labeling him the master of feature length movie trailers. That's about the most succinct and accurate description of the filmmaker's work that we've ever heard, so we'll just leave it right there and let the internet lose their collective minds about this revelation.