'A Quiet Place Part II' Is Likely The Second Entry In A Trilogy

Though it's not official yet, it sounds like audiences can go ahead and start preparing to get quiet...for a third time.

According to Emily Blunt, who starred in the first two installments of Paramount's A Quiet Place franchise, this month's A Quiet Place Part II is probably going to be the second entry in a Quiet Place trilogy, and writer/director John Krasinski already has ideas for where the third film can go.

I have not seen A Quiet Place Part II yet (it opens this Friday), but from what I've heard, it ends with the potential for more story to be told in this alien-infested cinematic world. And in an interview with Collider, Emily Blunt confirmed that her husband John Krasinski has ideas about where a third film could go.

"He has a whole arc of ideas that could work," she said. "I think he just wanted to see how people responded to this one before he fully engaged his brain on the third one. But he has a couple of great ideas."

When asked if this week's film was specifically designed as the second entry in a trilogy, she responded:

"Why not? I always said when we were approaching this one, I said, 'I think you need to think of this not as a sequel, but this is chapter two. This is just a continuation.' I think there was such an investment in this family, such mileage for expansion on this kind of extraordinary world, that this is the continuation. As this family have to venture out, the story ventures out, the world gets bigger. But I think I always felt he was still going to write something muscular and intimate and intense. I think there's room."

Without having seen the second film yet, I'm not fully equipped to speculate about what the final entry in this potential A Quiet Place trilogy might look like. But from a macro perspective, it seems likely that the second film will justify the development of a third – even if the box office numbers don't reach the heights of what the first film accomplished. This will be the studio's first big test of one of its marquee franchises since the pandemic began, but since A Quiet Place Part II will be available to stream on Paramount+ only 45 days after its theatrical release, I have a feeling the studio will spin its reception in a positive light regardless of how it performs (unless it's just an embarrassing bomb, which seems unlikely).

You can read /Film's full review of the movie here, which is fairly mixed overall but specifically praises Krasinski's direction:

"Krasinski is a confident and and oftentimes inspired director. Where the script is lacking, his steady direction and sure hand make up for it. Krasinski is clearly hankering to direct a Jurassic Park or to adapt The Last of Us; the influences are apparent throughout the movie, which sheds the experiential audio-driven aspect of the first film in favor of a straightforward action thriller, though it can still pull off a few good jump scares. What Krasinski has done is direct a solid post-apocalyptic adventure with some horror flair, which is totally fine, but it's a clear step down from the first film."

A Quiet Place Part II hits theaters on May 28, 2021.