'A Classic Horror Story' Teaser: An Italian Netflix Movie Described As 'Midsommar' Meets 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'

Netflix has a new horror movie on the way. In fact, you could call it a classic horror story – because that's what it's called, A Classic Horror Story. The Italian film is being described (by Netflix) as Midsommar meets The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and that's a combination bound to get some attention. The story follows five strangers who end up in the middle of nowhere, and, as you might guess, they soon run afoul of something – or someone – malevolent. Watch the A Classic Horror Story teaser below.

A Classic Horror Story Teaser

I've never heard of A Classic Horror Story until today, but Netflix's claim that the film is a cross between Midsommar and Texas Chain Saw certainly has me interested. The teaser above gives a very vague synopsis – "Music for children, an abandoned house, five strangers: it looks like the classic horror movie and instead..." If you, like me, require some more info than that, Variety has a much more detailed breakdown of what's going on here:

A Classic Horror Story sees five carpoolers travel in a motorhome to reach a common destination. Night falls and to avoid a dead animal carcass, they crash into a tree. When they come to their senses, they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The road they were traveling on has disappeared and there is only a dense, impenetrable forest and a wooden house in the middle of a clearing, which they discover is the home of a spine-chilling cult. 

Again: I'm intrigued! The cult angle certainly sounds like Midsommar, and the "folks trapped in the middle of nowhere" concept is a tried and true staple of the horror genre. All in all, A Classic Horror Story might turn out to be a pleasant surprise. I've gone from being completely oblivious to wanting to check this out immediately, so good job, Netflix.

Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli direct A Classic Horror Story, which stars Francesco Russo, Peppino Mazzotta, Yulia Sobol, Will Merrick, Alida Baldari Calabria, Cristina Donadio, and Matilda Lutz, who starred in the excellent – and brutal – film Revenge. The script is credited to Lucio Besana, Roberto De Feo, Paolo Strippoli, Milo Tissone, and David Bellini. Having that many writers on one project gives me pause, but I'm still curious enough to give A Classic Horror Story a shot.A Classic Horror Story will be streaming on Netflix starting July 14.