Trailer Round-Up: 'Pink: All I Know So Far', 'Blue Miracle', 'The Protégé', 'Meet The Blacks 2' & More

You like movies! So why not check out some of the movie trailers that might have fallen through the cracks and didn't get your attention? In this round-up, we've got Netflix's summer releases Blue Miracle and Ghost Lab, the horror spoof sequel The House Next Door: Meet the Black 2, a music documentary featuring recording star Pink, and a new action thriller called The Protégé starring Maggie Q and Samuel L. Jackson.

Blue Miracle

The incredible true story of Casa Hogar, the Mexican boys home that entered the world's biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage.

This looks a little hokey, but it does have that inspirational flair going for it. At the same time, it also feels like Netflix is trying to tap into that faith-based drama market a little bit, even if this one isn't nearly as explicit as some of the movies out there that try to appeal to large church groups.

Blue Miracle is directed by Julio Quintana and stars Dennis Quaid, Jimmy Gonzales, Anthony Gonzalez, Raymond Cruz, and more. The movie hits Netflix on May 26, 2021.

Ghost Lab

A research experiment about the afterlife goes awry, when Glar and Wee, two medical doctor buddies see a 'ghost' with their own eyes for the first time, an encounter that spawns an insatiable binge to find a scientific explanation for ghostly spirits, and to find proof of an afterlife. Their fixation and reckless pursuit of knowledge will take them down a rabbit hole that will cost them their friendship, and their loved ones.

This summer, Netflix is digging into their international markets to beef up their summer movie roster. Hailing from Thailand, Ghost Lab was intended to have a big theatrical release this month, but a surge in the pandemic shut theaters down, sending the film to Netflix. The film stars "Tor" Thanapob Leeratanakachorn, "Ice" Paris Intarakomalyasut and "Nychaa" Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich, each making their feature debut after having plenty experience on the small screen.

Ghost Lab is directed by "Goff" Paween Purijitpanya and it hits Netflix on May 26, 2021.

The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2

Carl Black (Mike Epps) is about to face off with the neighbor from hell (Katt Williams) in The House Next Door. Carl has only ever wanted the best for his family, but after surviving the events that led to his (not-so-)bestselling book, he's moving everyone to his childhood home, where's he'll contend not only with his wife Lorene (Zulay Henao) and kids Allie (Bresha Webb) and Carl Jr. (Alex Henderson) but everyone who drives him crazy: Cronut (Lil Duval), Freezee (Andrew Bachelor), Rico (Tyrin Turner), and an entire neighborhood of characters who seem to attract strange activity after dark. And nothing could be more freaky than his new neighbor Dr. Mamuwalde (Williams), who may or may not be a vampire. From co-writer/director Deon Taylor (Fatale, The Intruder), as the Meet the Blacks universe expands, it will be up to Carl to figure out what his neighbor is up to in the middle of the night before it's too late for him and his family.

Since I haven't seen Meet the Blacks, I can't tell you whether there should be any excitement about the sequel. But based on this trailer, I'm not feeling any desire to watch that original horror spoof starring Mike Epps. This feels like a step down from the Scary Movie franchise, and the jokes just don't land. It's a shame that spoofs have fallen out of favor, but at least we get a really good one every five years or so. This just doesn't look like one.

The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks II is directed by Deon Taylor and arrives in theaters on June 11, 2021.

P!NK: All I Know So Far

Join award-winning performer and musician P!NK as she embarks on her record-breaking 2019 "Beautiful Trauma" world tour and welcomes audiences to join her chosen family while trying to balance being a mom, a wife, a boss and a performer. Mixing footage from the road, behind-the-scenes interviews and personal material, director Michael Gracey (The Greatest Showman) gives audiences a glimpse behind the curtain of the circus that she calls life.

P!NK is the latest artist to get her own music documentary. It looks like pretty standard fare when it comes to movies like this, but P!NK is also an artist who puts on one hell of a physically demanding show, even more than most of the chart-topping pop stars out there. So getting some insight into the work that goes into her tour and a perspective from behind the scenes could be a fascinating film.

P!NK: All I Know So Far arrives on Amazon Prime on May 21, 2021.

The Protégé

Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody (Samuel L. Jackson) and trained in the family business, Anna (Maggie Q) is the world's most skilled contract killer. But when Moody – the man who was like a father to her and taught her everything she needs to know about trust and survival – is brutally killed, Anna vows revenge. As she becomes entangled with an enigmatic killer (Michael Keaton) whose attraction to her goes way beyond cat and mouse, their confrontation turns deadly and the loose ends of a life spent killing will weave themselves even tighter.

With a cast that includes Maggie Q, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Keaton, we're wondering why we haven't heard of this movie until now. Maybe it's because it comes from Martin Campbell, who had to endure time in movie jail after directing Green Lantern. Sure, he also directed Casino Royale, but that just goes to show you how terrible Green Lantern was. This doesn't look half-bad, but it also feels rather generic.

The Protégé arrives in theaters on August 20, 2021.