'The Hunger' Remake Coming From 'Professor Marston And The Wonder Women' Director Angela Robinson

Angela Robinson, director of the excellent and underseen Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, is in talks to helm a remake of Tony Scott's stylish, sexy vampire film The Hunger. The original starred Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon, and followed an ancient female vampire who seeks a new lover after losing her longtime companion. American Horror Story and A Simple Favor writer Jessica Sharzer is handling the screenplay for the remake.

Deadline is reporting that Angela Robinson will direct The Hunger remake for Warner Bros. The original film, released in 1983, was directed by the late, great Tony Scott, and starred Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon. Deneuve played Miriam Blaylock, a vampire over 1000 years old who lives in modern-day (well, modern-day for the 1980s) New York with John (Bowie), a cellist Miriam first met in 18th-century France. John isn't technically a vampire, but Miriam told him he would have eternal life as her lover. That turns out to not be true, and John suddenly finds himself aging rapidly. Desperate, John turns to gerontologist Dr. Sarah Roberts (Sarandon) for help. Eventually, John ends up in a state of living death, locked away in Miriam's attic. Now lonely, Miriam sets her sights on Sarah as her new lover. The film was an adaptation of a novel by Whitley Strieber. Here's the book synopsis:

Eternal youth is a wonderful thing for the few who have it, but for Miriam Blaylock, it is a curse – an existence marred by death and sorrow. Because for the everlasting Miriam, everyone she loves withers and dies. Now, haunted by signs of her adoring husband's imminent demise, Miriam sets out in search of a new partner, one who can quench her thirst for love and withstand the test of time. She finds it in the beautiful Sarah Roberts, a brilliant young scientist who may hold the secret to immortality. But one thing stands between the intoxicating Miriam Blaylock and the object of her desire: Dr. Tom Haver...and he's about to realize that love and death to hand in hand.

The Hunger wasn't really a big hit when it opened but it gained a cult following thanks to its moody, sexy style. While I'm not sure anyone can recreate Scott's visual flair, I'm a big fan of Angela Robinson's Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, a sexy, sweet movie about the creator of Wonder Woman and the long-running polyamorous relationship he enjoyed with his wife and one of his students. That film was criminally underseen, and Robinson hasn't helmed a film since its 2017 release. The Hunger remake will be scripted by Jessica Sharzer, who wrote the surprisingly good dark comedy A Simple Favor. Berlanti Schechter's Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter will produce.