New 'Pet Sematary' Movie Being Directed By Lindsey Beer, And It Might Not Be A Prequel After All

Back in February, word broke that a Pet Sematary prequel would be headed to Paramount+. Now, things may have changed. There's still a new Pet Sematary movie on the way, and that film now has a director – Lindsey Beer, who is making her directorial debut with the project and also working on the screenplay. But now it's being reported that the new film may not be a prequel after all. However this turns out, the new Pet Sematary movie is drawing influence from Stephen King's terrifying 1983 novel about a burial ground that has the power to raise the dead.

Get ready to go back to the Micmac Burial Ground, because there's a new Pet Sematary movie on the way. Deadline is reporting that Lindsey Beer, who wrote Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, is set to make her feature debut with the film. She'll also work on the script based on a draft by Jeff Buhler. Back in February, it was reported that the new Pet Sematary movie was going to be a prequel of some kind, but this latest news reveals that "Even though early reports said this would be a prequel, sources now say the plot's direction is still being figured out and a prequel is not guaranteed at this time." Whatever the film is, it's destined to premiere exclusively on Paramount+.

In any case, this new film will be using 2019's Pet Sematary remake as a springboard. Buhler wrote the script for that, with Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer directing. Some people remain mixed on that movie – primarily because of the way it changes the ending – but I was a big fan. I'm a big fan of all things Pet Sematary, really. The novel – often regarded as one of Stephen King's scariest – is my favorite King book, and I love the 1989 Mary Lambert adaptation as well. I even like the Lambert-directed sequel, which told its own story free of King's influence.

In King's novel and its subsequent adaptations, a family moves to a rural Maine town and discovers a pet cemetery in the woods behind their house. But even deeper in those woods is the Micmac Burial Ground, a Native American burial place that has supernatural powers. Any animal or human buried in that ground returns from the dead. But they come back different, and in most cases, evil.

While I think there's room for a prequel with this story – that burial ground is ancient, so it's been around for a long time – I also like the idea of creating a new story set in this world. However this turns out, though, I can't wait to see it while wearing a giant foam finger that says #1 PET SEMATARY FAN.