'Cruella' Early Buzz: The Disney Villain's Origin Story Is Surprisingly Great And Full Of Style

Cruella doesn't seem to be high on anyone's must-see list as we kick off a quiet blockbuster summer. But if the early buzz is any indicator, we're sleeping on what could end up being one of the best live-action Disney movies inspired by one of their animated classics. The movie stars Emma Stone as the young version of 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella de Vil, when she was an up and coming fashionista with an axe to grind, and apparently it's wickedly fun, packed with style, and supremely entertaining.

Get the early buzz from the first Cruella reviews on social media below.

First up, let's start with our own managing editor Jacob Hall, who was pleasantly surprised by Cruella:

And our editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta was also caught off guard by how much he liked the movie:

Now let's get on with the rest of the critical reactions out there, all of which seem to be rather positive:

As you can see, many of the critics weren't exactly excited about Cruella, and many of them expected it to be a disappointment. But plenty of them mention being completely turned around by the end of the movie. There are plenty of comparisons to The Devil Wears Prada (and a couple to Joker), even if the movie seems to get a little more edgy, which might make the movie questionable for some younger viewers.

On top of the general vibe, the performances from Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were singled out as being phenomenal. Plus, the costume design, hair, and make-up is clearly one of the high points, along with the cinematography done by Nicolas Karakatsanis (I, Tonya and The Drop).

Honestly, it's always nice to see when a movie that's on the verge of being written off turns out to get so much praise. Of course, this is just the first wave of social media reactions, and the tune might change a bit once the full reviews roll in closer to the release. But for now, this might be enough to get audiences excited about Cruella.

Cruella will be hitting theaters and Disney+ Premier Access starting on May 28, 2021.