'Snake Eyes' Images Reveal Henry Golding As The G.I. Joe Ninja

It's time again for Hollywood to try to turn G.I. Joe into a film franchise! This time we're getting Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, a film that focuses on the (usually) silent ninja assassin character. Here, Snake Eyes is played by Henry Golding, and Golding leads a cast that includes Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, Úrsula Corberó as Baroness, and Samara Weaving as Scarlett. There are new, official images from the film that you can check out below.

Last month, a whole bunch of officially released images of toys from the upcoming movie Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins premiered online. This was slightly odd, because in almost every case, these toys were giving us our first looks at the film's characters. Now, images of the real people have arrived, in case you're tired of looking at the toy pics and dreaming of what they'd all look like as flesh and blood people. The images come from EW, and they feature Henry Golding and the rest of the cast looking very serious.

Here's Golding doing a handstand with a sword. Don't try this at home, kids. Traditionally, Snake Eyes doesn't talk and he never takes off his mask, but since this is an origin film, Golding will be allowed to show his face and have some dialogue. "I wanted to see something different, and I wanted it to look different, to feel different," Golding told EW. "To be able to launch a franchise like that, it was just too good to be true — and especially with a character like Snake Eyes about whom a lot of people don't know too much. They know him as this insane operator that completes missions and is an absolute weapon, but who's the guy behind the mask and what's his story?"

Here's Andrew Koji (who stars on the awesome HBO Max series Warrior) as Snake Eyes' enemy Storm Shadow, a member of the Arashikage ninja clan. But they weren't always adversaries. "Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, their brotherhood/relationship is one of the most famous in the G.I. Joe lore," Golding said. "They have such an interesting, forever-wavering relationship of hate and love. They love each other as brothers because they've been through the same thing."

Ready or Not breakout Samara Weaving plays G.I. Joe character Scarlett in the film, but remember – this isn't exactly a full-blown G.I. Joe movie. "Both Cobra and G.I. Joe take a back seat to the internal drama of the Arashikage and the character," producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said. "They are absolutely an element, but it's looking at it this way: You meet somebody, watch their struggle, the struggle leads to the world of G.I. Joe and Cobra. It does not start as a G.I. Joe-Cobra movie. It starts as an Arashikage movie, a Snake Eyes character arc. You come to realize the Arashikage as they've traditionally been are affiliated with the Joes, therefore that brings in Cobra. There is a gradual reveal that there's a larger world here."

In other words, they have to save something for the sequel. Head on over to EW to see even more images from the film. Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins opens July 23, 2021.