'The Lord Of The Rings' Stars Dominic Monaghan And Billy Boyd Are Launching Their Own Podcast

Lord of the Rings fans, we're eating breakfast, second breakfast, and elevenses today. Our beloved Merry and Pippin are setting off on a brand new quest together. Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd, who played the lovable hobbits Merry and Pippin in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, are launching their own podcast about the film franchise, called The Friendship Onion. Which we're guessing you'll be able to boil, mash, and throw in stew.

In another life, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd might have been hobbits who saved the world from the evil clutches of Sauron, but in this one they're okay to settle for podcast hosting duties. Monaghan and Boyd are no fools of Tooks: they're using their platform and their close friendship with each other (well-documented in many Lord of the Rings documentary features) to launch a podcast about the fantasy trilogy, Deadline reports.

The podcast, called The Friendship Onion, will provide exclusive stories from filming and might feature a familiar cameo or two. Hopefully one in which Elijah Wood isn't aware he's on a podcast and thinks he's being interviewed by a wig-obsessed German journalist again.

Here's a description on the official page of The Friendship Onion:

Join your favorite Hobbits, friends and co-stars, Billy Boyd and Dom Monaghan as they take a look back at their time on The Lord of the Rings. Featuring interviews with cast and crew, diving deep into life behind the scenes, and answering the many fan questions, The Friendship Onion will peel back the layers of their friendship, both on screen and off.

"I am contractually obliged to make a glowing comment here in regards to the podcast Billy and I are making together. This is proving difficult as Billy has abducted me and is holding me for ransom to the price of 44 bananas. Please, send bananas," Monaghan said in a statement.

"Dom took a little persuading, it's true, but this podcast is going to rock. He is such a joker, you have to love Dom. Ha....but you also have to love bananas, so....yes, send bananas," added Boyd.

Both Boyd and Monaghan were MVPs of the intensely lovable and close-knit cast of Lord of the Rings, which may in fact be the best movie cast ever. Aside from all of them being incredibly talented, they're famously close, with many a prank interview and Lord of the Rings gag reel showing just how close. So the two of them launching a podcast just to allow us to bask in their friendship sounds like a swell idea.

Kast Media is producing the podcast, which premieres on May 18. New episodes will be available every week at Spotify and Apple, as well as other podcast platforms.  You can also find video simulcasts of episodes at the show's official YouTube page. See the teaser trailer for The Friendship Onion below.