'Port Authority' Trailer: Martin Scorsese Exec Produces This New York-Set Love Story

It's pretty rare that the legendary Martin Scorsese puts his name on something that ends up being bad. In addition to his directing credits over the past few years, he's executive produced things like Uncut Gems, The Souvenir, Pretend It's a City, Shirley, and Happy as Lazzaro, and he's done the same thing for Port Authority, a New York City-based romance that stars Dunkirk actor Fionn Whitehead and transgender model/actress Leyna Bloom. That movie is about to get released in the United States, and you can check out the trailer below.

Port Authority Trailer

This movie had its world premiere at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, but is now finally about to make its way back across the pond to the United States. It's written and directed by Danielle Lessovitz, a multi-hyphenate who made her feature debut here and who is seemingly able to capture a vibrant, vivacious, pulsing story of life and love against that Big Apple backdrop.

Lessovitz has said in interviews that the film celebrates the idea of "the family that's chosen" as opposed to family that one is born into, and you can see that in the way this trailer depicts the trans characters of color in the city's underground "voguing" scene (which is also explored in the FX series Pose).

This looks like a great showcase for Bloom, and hopefully it will lead to even bigger projects for her. It may also give audiences a bigger picture of what Whitehead can do as a performer, since his starring role in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk did not, by design, allow for much modulation or dynamism and essentially made him feel like one of many interchangeable players caught up in a scenario much larger than themselves. This looks more like a classic indie film performance, though, see-sawing between violent outbursts out and touching love scenes.

Here is the official synopsis for Port Authority:

After getting kicked out of his home in central Pennsylvania, Paul (Fionn Whitehead) arrives to NYC's dizzying central station with nowhere to go. A momentary encounter with Wye (Leyna Bloom), a trans woman of color, leads him to seek her out. Transfixed by her beauty and confidence, a love soon blossoms. But as the two learn more about each other, Paul's false narratives begin to surface and the double life he lives must be reconciled.

Port Authority is set to arrive in theaters on May 28, 2021, and hit On Demand and Digital platforms on June 1, 2021.