Video: Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Almost Looked VERY Different

The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge hits bookstore shelves this week, and with it comes a lot of information, insight and concept art about how Disney's Star Wars theme park land evolved into what it is today. That includes all the paths it almost took, including alternate rides and stores, and very different storytelling experiences. And we've put together a video breaking it all down.

Galaxy's Edge Differences

Over at my Ordinary Adventures YouTube channel, we recorded a video talking about some of the unused rides, shops, characters and ideas that didn't make it into the land. The unused concepts include rides like a bounty hunter chase ride and speeder bike escape ride, abandoned store concepts like the Tailor, Explorer's Store or Creatures Stable, and a full-service Twi'lek sit down restaurant called the Kalikori Club.

I think one of my favorite lost concepts was Smuggler's Alley, which was an underworld section of Black Spire Outpost. It feels like the Star Wars version of Dragon Alley's Nocturne Alley over at Universal Studios. What's exciting is that some of the concepts mentioned here could still be added in future expansions of the land. For instance, the Explorer's store across from Oga's is a space that could be used for an expansion, but right now is being used to house inventory. And of course the space that the Kalikori Club was supposed to occupy next to Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run is still empty for a possible future expansion. The Star Wars Starcruiser hotel is taking some of these ideas, but that doesn't mean we couldn't see a sit down restaurant experience take over this space one day.

In the video above, you can see what the land almost looked like and find out why it changed and evolved. We highly recommend you pick up this book for yourself – there's so much more that we didn't cover. You can pick up a copy of Amy Ratcliffe's The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge now on Amazon (note: affiliate link).