Cool Stuff: Have A Yabba Dabba Pool Time With 'The Flintstones' Car Pool Float

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If you're a modern stone age family looking for a relaxing time this summer, then look no further than this new pool float inspired by the feet-powered car from The Flintstones. The prehistoric automobile known as the Flintmobile has been turned into a huge pool inflatable that's almost big enough for the whole family.

The Flintstones Car Pool Float

The Flintstones Car Pool Float

Referred to as the Bedrock Canopy Luxe Lounger, this extra wide luxury pool float comes a small cooler to toss in some refreshing drinks, two cup holders, a steering wheel with a squeaky horn, and even space between the front wheel and lounger to let your feet dangle in the water (where you can also use pedal power to maneuver it around the pool).

Measuring 4.5 feet x 7.5 feet, this is a massive pool float, so make sure you have the space to let it roam around the water. The top of the car is made of a detachable fabric UPF 50 sun shade to make sure you don't burn while enjoying the ride. It also has five air chambers for stable floating, four handles to easily carry, and a couple grab bars to easily hop on and off.

Now for the bad news: this item is currently out of stock on Amazon, where Nerdist previously pointed out the listing. The price is also unknown since it's out of stock, so you'll just have to get a notification next time it's in stock and hope it won't cost you a million clams. Fingers crossed that a Jetsons car pool float will be next.