'Saw 10' Is Already In Development, Because Not Even Death Can Stop Jigsaw

Spiral, the latest entry in the blood-drenched Saw franchise, isn't here yet – but that's not going to stop Jigsaw's blades from buzzing. Saw X, the tenth entry in the series, is reportedly already in active development. It's too soon to say what the movie is even about, or if it'll be bringing back the characters introduced in the upcoming movie. But at the very least, Saw fans can rest assured that there will be even more blood to come.

Not too long ago there was a period of time – between 2004 and 2010 – where we'd be blessed (or cursed, depending on what you thought of the franchise) with a new Saw sequel every year, just in time for Halloween. It got to the point where they even started using the somewhat nonsensical tagline "If it's Halloween, it must be Saw!" But like most horror franchises, interest in Saw started to wain, and the series was brought to a close with 2010's Saw 3D. 

Of course, Hollywood never really gives up on a once-successful series, and by 2017, Saw returned with the film Jigsaw. That entry wasn't a big enough hit to immediately get a sequel greenlit for the following year – but Lionsgate did eventually get around to it, and the ninth entry, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, is finally due out this year. And now it looks like Lionsgate might be ready to get back into the "Saw movie every year" business, because Production Weekly is listing Saw X, the tenth Saw movie, as being in active development.

That's really all we know for now. There's no director or writer attached, and since Spiral hasn't been released yet, it's hard to say how directly it will tie into this tenth entry. Will Spiral star Chris Rock be coming back? Or is his involvement with the franchise strictly a one-and-done event? We'll have to wait and see. James Wan's Robot Monster production company is listed as being attached to Saw X, and while the Robot Monster banner hasn't been in front of the previous Saw films, Wan, as co-creator of the franchise, has been listed as a producer on all the entries to date. Some have speculated that adding the Robot Monster banner to Saw X hints that Wan is going to be more actively involved with this sequel than the previous entries, but Bloody Disgusting has confirmed that's not the case. That's not too surprising, since Wan is a very busy guy and already has Aquaman 2 to deal with.

Spiral opens on May 14, 2021.