Behold New 'Star Wars' And 'The Mandalorian' Posters From Danny Haas And Andy Fairhurst

It's a good day to be a Star Wars fan. Hot on the heels of the casting news for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series coming to Disney+, a batch of new posters inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy and the new original series The Mandalorian have arrived, courtesy of Bottleneck Gallery and Acme Archives. But if you want them, you'll have to be quick.

Andy Fairhurst The Mandalorian Poster

The Savior (The Mandalorian) by Andy Fairhurst

Giclee print

16 x 20 inches

Hand-numbered edition of 375


Artist Andy Fairhurst brings to life the climactic (and super secret) moment of the second season finale of The Mandalorian where Luke Skywalker shows up to save the day by slicing through Dark Troopers before he meets Din Djarin and the Force-sensitive child called Grogu. It's done in Fairhurst's signature style with the point-of-view perspective from behind Luke Skywalker in full Jedi mode, and it'll make a great addition to the wall.

Star Wars Trilogy Poster - Danny Haas

Star Wars Trilogy – SET by Danny Haas


Set of three

12 x 36 inches (each)

Signed and hand-numbered edition of 670


Artist Danny Haas has reached back to the beginning of Star Wars history by paying tribute to the original trilogy with an entire set of prints. Presented almost as three stained glass windows with detailed imagery, each print features the characters, ships, and creatures from all three movies. I love that the Cantina Band is included on the print for A New Hope, and I wish that each print featured one of the more obscure characters from the films.


Both of these Star Wars prints go on sale today at 12:00 P.M. ET over at Bottleneck Gallery. Good luck!