New 'Transformers' Movie In The Works With 'Charm City Kings' Filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto Set To Direct

It's time for more rock 'em, sock 'em Transformers. Because we'll never be rid of those alien metallic monstrosities, Paramount Pictures has started developing a new Transformers movie, which will be directed by Angel Manuel Soto, the filmmaker behind last year's critically acclaimed teen drama Charm City Kings.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Paramount Pictures made a blind script commitment to a new Transformers feature film that will be penned by Marco Ramirez, the showrunner of Netflix's Marvel series The Defenders, while Angel Manuel Soto will direct.

Details are being kept under lock and key (or whatever type of security systems Transformers use, I don't know), but the project is reportedly being "developed apart from the universe of the main line of Transformers films that Paramount has been making since 2007," per THR. The next installment in the main Transformers saga, which spans five Michael Bay movies plus Travis Knight's Bumblebee prequel, is being directed by Creed II filmmaker Stephen Caple Jr.

So while it's likely this new Transformers movie will be a spin-off of some kind, it's curious that it's not considered a part of the larger Transformers series, as Bumblebee was. Bumblebee was already a pretty separate entity from Bay's movies, much lighter and Amblin-inspired than the bro-y bombast of Bay. So how will Soto's project be separate from the "universe of the main line of Transformers" films? More importantly, will anyone care? I'm sure there's a loose continuity maintained in the Transformers series, but I honestly doubt anyone going into those movies will care all that much if something goes against canon.

With a Puerto Rican director and a Latino writer, it's clear that Paramount is committed to give diverse creators a platform in its big franchises, though it may raise a few eyebrows that they're involved a standalone project and not a "main line" Transformers film. But Soto at least has been getting all kinds of offers since Charm City Kings proved to be a critical hit, recently boarding Warner Bros.' Latino-led Blue Beetle movie.

This new standalone Transformers project is in early development, with no producers set. It's expected that Transformers maestro Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who has acted as a producer on all the film projects, will be involved in some capacity. It's also possible that this project might be developed for Paramount's newly rebooted streaming service Paramount+.