'Sasquatch' Trailer: Duplass Brothers Docuseries Investigates Murder On A Dope Farm – Oh, And Bigfoot

Could Bigfoot be behind the dozens of missing persons surrounding the Redwoods in Northern California? The various mangled bodies that are discovered in the treacherous woods? Or is there something more sinister at play? The Duplass Brothers-produced documentary series Sasquatch attempts to answer these questions, investigating the myth of Bigfoot and the mysteries of the heavily guarded dope farms of the area. Watch the Sasquatch trailer below.

Sasquatch Trailer

Directed By Joshua Rofé (Lorena, Swift Current), Sasquatch follows journalist David Holthouse as he returns to the Redwoods 25 years after he heard a chilling story of three men who were torn to bits on a nearby dope farm. Was it Bigfoot? Or were there stranger forces at play? That's what Sasquatch, a new three-part documentary series coming to Hulu, seeks to find out, as Rofé and Holthouse weave a tale that involves murder, weed farms, and maybe the legendary Bigfoot.

The series just made its world premiere at SXSW before its April debut on Hulu. /Film's Jacob Hall saw the first episode at the virtual festival and was greatly impressed by it, calling it "a bold new statement for the genre, an offbeat blend of investigative reporting and documentary filmmaking with a deep dive into the supernatural and the unexplainable" in his review.

Who'd have thought murder and mythical creatures might collide – and that militant weed farmers would be involved in some way? But it sounds like the perfectly weird intersection that Sasquatch manages to make compelling TV out of, offering a solid true crime series amid a true crime saturated landscape. It's just bizarre enough to pique my interest, and definitely sounds a tad more involved than your typical Bigfoot conspiracy series. Not that there's anything wrong with that either.

Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Mel Eslyn (Wild Wild Country, Evil Genius), Joshua Rofé, Steven Berger of Number 19, David Holthouse, and Zach Cregger executive produce Sasquatch. It's also produced by M. Elizabeth Hughes.

Here is the synopsis for Sasquatch:

While visiting a pot farm in Northern California in 1993, investigative journalist David Holthouse heard a story that still haunts him: On a nearby farm three men were torn limb from limb in a savage Bigfoot attack. SASQUATCH follows David as he revisits the Redwoods 25 years later, in search of any evidence that might lead to the truth of what happened that night. As he pulls at the threads of this story, he'll be taken down a path that's far more terrifying than anyone would have imagined.

Sasquatch premieres on Hulu on April 20, 2o21.