'Godzilla Vs. Kong' Soundtrack: Hear Godzilla And Kong's Individual Themes, Featuring A Monster-Sized Drum

Godzilla vs. Kong is roaring into theaters and onto HBO Max this month, which means we're about to be treated to some serious monster mayhem. And all that mayhem is backed-up by a big, booming score courtesy of the very busy Tom Holkenborg, AKA Junkie XL. When it came time to create music fit for two titans, Holkenborg knew he had to go big. So big, in fact, that he ended up using a gigantic drum – a drum so big he that he couldn't even fit it through his door. Below, you can hear two tracks from the Godzilla vs. Kong soundtrack – and learn more about Tom Holkenborg's big-ass drum.

First up, let's hear the theme for everyone's favorite monster-lizard, Godzilla. It's called "Pensacola, FL," which I guess suggests Godzilla has retired to the Sunshine State. Does that make Godzilla a #FloridaMan? It would certainly explain a lot.

Godzilla vs Kong Soundtrack – Pensacola, FL (Godzilla Theme)

Now, let's hear music made for Mr. Big Monkee, AKA Kong. Like the Godzilla theme, it's named after a place – Skull Island, a location that's just as dangerous and deadly as Florida.

Godzilla vs Kong Soundtrack – Skull Island (Kong Theme)

I like the contrasts in these themes. Godzilla's is big, and angry, and kind of scary, while Kong's is a bit softer – heroic, even. Are they setting Kong up to be the hero of the film? I think so. He's earned it, damn it!

When it came time to create this behemoth-style music, composer Tom Holkenborg knew he needed a big sound. And he got it by commissioning a big drum. Speaking with Collider, Holkenborg said: "I work with this incredible instrument maker from San Diego...I was like, 'Now I need a bass drum. How big can you make it? Seven-foot? Eight-foot?' And he said, 'Well, there are limits to a drum.' And I said, 'Well, why is that?' He's like, 'Well, it depends on the biggest cow skin we can find.' I didn't even think about that. So, he found a big skin, and it turned out to be five feet in diameter. But boy, that thing is big."

Big, indeed. According to Holkenborg, the drum is "five feet in diameter...And then it's like six and a half feet long," and it was delivered to him via a "massive truck." Once it arrived, Holkenborg ran into a problem. "And it's like, 'How do we get this thing inside?' We couldn't," he said. "So I was able to roll it with six people into the garage. It barely fit under the garage door. And that's how we got it inside. So I sampled that thing extensively. And it sounds wonderful in that score."

Godzilla vs. Kong arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31, 2021. You can check out a very cool new IMAX poster for the film below.