'Expedition: Back To The Future' Trailer: New Discovery+ Series Searches For The Original DeLorean Time Machine

The Discovery Channel is about to do a little bit of time traveling with the new series Expedition: Back to the Future. Slated for streaming exclusively on Discovery+, the series from Expedition Unknown host Josh Gates will bring in Doc Brown actor Christopher Lloyd for an adventure to track down the original DeLorean time machine from the first Back to the Future movie. And there are plenty more treats in store for fans of the time traveling franchise.

Expedition: Back to the Future Trailer

How did Universal Pictures lose track of the original DeLorean time machine? Why wasn't that thing in a vault or a museum somewhere? Well, it turns out there are seven total DeLorean time machines, and Josh Gates and Christopher Lloyd will be trying to track down six of them. Their hope is to find one that they can donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Speaking of Michael J. Fox, he'll be making an appearance on the show along with fellow cast members Lea Thompson (Lorraine), James Tolkan (Strickland), Donald Fullilove (Goldie Wilson), Harry Waters Jr. (Marvin Berry), and screenwriter Bob Gale. It looks like their appearances will be a little hokey, making plenty of references to Back to the Future. There also appear to be a lot of hammy scripted elements between Gates and Lloyd, but it still looks like a lot of fun.

In addition to tracking down the DeLorean time machine, it looks like we'll get a glimpse at some other pieces of Back to the Future history, including the letter that Marty wrote Doc in 1955 order to prevent his death in 1985. They will probably stop by some familiar locations from the film as well, maybe even the Universal backlot where the franchise began.

Josh Gates and Christopher Lloyd are on a mission to find Hollywood's most iconic car. In a quest full of unexpected turns, the two will dive deep into the history of one of cinema's greatest franchises and will stop at nothing in their search of the timeless vehicle from the classic sci-fi trilogy Back to the Future.

Expedition: Back to the Future is slated to debut on discovery+ starting on March 15, 2021.