'WandaVision' Sensation Kathryn Hahn Discusses The Future Of Agatha Harkness In The MCU

Kathryn Hahn has been acting for nearly 20 years. She's been in movies like Step Brothers and We're the Millers, and TV shows like Crossing Jordan and Parks and Recreation. But it's her recent stint on WandaVision that's turning even more heads as she went from the clichéd sitcom nosy neighbor Agnes to a power hungry witch Agatha Harkness. So now that WandaVision is over, is there a future for Kathryn Hahn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?Spoilers for the series finale lie ahead.

In the wake of the WandaVision series finale, The New York Times spoke to Kathryn Hahn about her role on the series, and discussion turned to her fate in the MCU. From Hahn's perspective, she thinks Agatha may not be too upset with Wanda forcing her to reprise her nosy neighbor role in Westview for the rest of her life (or until Wanda lets her go). Hahn said:

"I actually don't think, ultimately, that she minds it. She needed to rest for a hot second. She's been very restless. I think she was very lonely, for a very, very long time. She loves having the companionship — loves the mailman, loves Ralph, loves Dottie. For the moment, I think she's actually OK to just loosen the corset and sit and have a muffin and a latte."

Agatha didn't seem to pleased with her fate before having her mind rewired back into Agnes mode. But even so, Agatha Harkness wasn't dispatched with like most villains, and she might still have something to offer Wanda Maximoff now that she's tapping into the power of the Scarlet Witch. So does Hahn know if Agatha will be back, maybe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? She says, "I have no idea. They keep it really tight." But she thinks there's the potential for Agatha to maybe team up with Wanda. Hahn said:

"I felt that very strongly too, at the end of that, there was a possibility that we'd join up — that she'd collapse into my arms and we'd fly off together, which I kind of wish would have happened — or she would just hand it off to me."

All right, so it might not happen that way, but perhaps Agatha's knowledge of witchcraft is something that Wanda will need to help control her extreme power. For her part, now that Hahn has a taste of playing around in the MCU, she wants more. The actress added, "Now that I have a taste of it, I'm like, ahh. I really, really love it."

Even if we don't see Agatha Harkness return to the MCU anytime soon, there's a chance we'll still get more of Kathryn Hahn in comic book villain mode. Let's not forget that she voiced a gender-swapped version of Doc Ock in the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. We don't know if she'll come back in the forthcoming sequel, but the more we get of Kathryn Hahn, no matter where that might be, the better off everyone will be.

There's much more WandaVision talk from Kathryn Hahn in the full New York Times interview.