Cool Stuff: 'WandaVision' Has Unleashed Scarlet Witch Toys & Collectibles

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Now that WandaVision is over, Wanda Maximoff has finally been unleashed as the Scarlet Witch. That means there's an onslaught of new toys and collectibles coming to shelves that will let fans bring Elizabeth Olsen's tragic Marvel Cinematic Universe character home.

Following last weekend's WandaVision series finale, there are a couple new Funko POPs, a Marvel Legends figure, a Marvel Select figure from Diamond Select Toys, a fancy Disney Shop doll, and a pair of those expensively detailed Hot Toys figures. Get a look at all these Scarlet Witch toys from WandaVision below.

Funko POPs

First up, Wanda gets two more Funko POPs now that she's taken her new, powerful form. First up, Amazon has Scarlet Witch floating cross-legged as she looks through the Darkhold. She's not in her spiritual plane form that we see in the post-credits scene from the finale, but it'll do, even if it doesn't ship until August. Meanwhile, Marvel says Hot Topic will have an exclusive Funko POP with Scarlet Witch flying and her arms spread ready for a fight.

Marvel Legends

Hasbro will also be bringing Scarlet Witch to their Marvel Legends action figure line (via Entertainment Weekly). In addition to wearing her new outfit, she comes with transparent, pink hands with swirling magic around them. Without a look at the official packaging, we're not sure if she comes with regular hands or any additional accessories like the Darkhold, but she looks great, even if the colors aren't quite right. A link to Walmart was provided for the figure, but it's not live yet, and the figure won't be available until April.

Marvel Select

Getting a little bigger and more detailed, we have the Marvel Select Figure from Diamond Select Toys (via Entertainment Weekly). In this case, the outfit's colors are a little more screen accurate, but they're still a little off. But the detail on Elizabeth Olsen's face and hair is much better. This figure will be available here at Amazon, but again, the link isn't live yet, and the figure won't be available until April.

Disney Store Doll

The Disney Store is also getting in on the Scarlet Witch collectible craze with a special edition Barbie-style doll. The collectible features 22 points of articulation, rooted hair, and comes in an authentic costume that includes her iconic crown and outfit inspired by the season finale. It costs $44.99 and is available for pre-order, but it won't ship until late April.

Hot Toys

Finally, Hot Toys has teased their upcoming 1/6 scale figures of both Scarlet Witch and Vision. Much like the Marvel Legends figure, Scarlet Witch has interchangeable glowing hands. Meanwhile, Vision has a nice metallic sheen to his body and wardrobe. They'll undoubtedly be expensive, but they look worth it. You can see many more images of the figures over at ToyArk, and they're both available for pre-order right now.