'WandaVision' Finale May Answer Your Burning Questions About Evan Peters' Character, Unless It Doesn't

Even with the bombshell reveals of the last two episodes of WandaVision, a few mysteries still remain. One of the biggest being: who is Evan Peters really playing? Introduced as a "recast" Pietro in episode 5, we now know that Peters' character is not everything he appeared to be. But will we learn more in the upcoming WandaVision finale?

Maybe, teases WandaVision director Matt Shakman.

When Evan Peters appeared in that Uncle Jesse-style leather jacket at the end of WandaVision episode 5, the internet burst with theories: is the Marvel Cinematic Universe introducing the multiverse by casting Peters, who played Quicksilver in 20th Century Fox's X-Men movies? But those theories seemingly got put to bed when it was revealed that Fake Pietro was brought in by Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn). Or did they?

In an interview with Fandom ahead of WandaVision's much-anticipated series finale this Friday, director Matt Shakman teases that Peters' character will be back. Whether his return will give us all the answers we seek is another question:

"I think there's a strong possibility you might get a little more of Evan Peters coming up. But how that plays out, I wouldn't want to say."

How tantalizing! How mysterious! How frustrating. Perhaps Fake Pietro really was brought in from another universe, or maybe he is purely a creation of Agatha Harkness who coincidentally is played by Peters. But speculating might not do us any good, if our theories will only end up making us disappointed by the actual revelations of the series finale. However, Shakman told Fandom that he and showrunner Jac Schaeffer appreciate the frequent speculation and theories around WandaVision, even if "some people will be disappointed" in the end.

"We created this show with so much love and passion," Shakman said. "Jac Schaeffer, the writers, myself, all the filmmakers involved, my team of designers, we all put so much care into creating the show that it's so wonderful to see so much love and passion coming back from the fans. I love seeing memes and TikTok videos and theories. They're so creative and wonderful. And of course some people will be disappointed that certain theories don't end up coming to be true – or true in the course of WandaVision. But we pass them around. Please know the cast and crew, we love sharing them. It's nice to know that your work is being received like that."

WandaVision airs its final episode this Friday on Disney+.