'Pantheon' Cast For AMC's First Primetime Animated Drama Adds William Hurt And More

It appears that we somehow missed writing about Pantheon, AMC Networks' first-ever animated primetime drama series, when it was first announced. But since there were a few new cast additions made recently, we now have an excuse to correct that mistake.

William Hurt (The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: Civil War), Maude Apatow (Euphoria, The King of Staten Island), Corey Stoll (Ant-Man, House of Cards), and Lara Pulver (Sherlock) are the latest members of the Pantheon cast, joining one hell of an impressive lineup of actors who have been attached to this intriguing sci-fi drama for a while already. Get the details about the upcoming series below.

AMC has inked a multi-year exclusive deal with Craig Silverstein (TurnTerra Nova), the creator of Pantheon, to develop and produce new shows for the network. But before we start thinking about projects that have yet to be cooked up, let's familiarize ourselves with Pantheon:

Based on a collection of short stories from Ken Liu about Uploaded Intelligence, or, human consciousness uploaded to the "Cloud," Pantheon focuses on Maddie (Katie Chang), a bullied teen who receives mysterious help from someone online. The stranger is soon revealed to be her recently deceased father, David (Daniel Dae Kim), whose consciousness has been uploaded to the Cloud following an experimental destructive brain scan. David is the first of a new kind of being: an "Uploaded Intelligence" or "UI," but he will not be the last, as a global conspiracy unfolds that threatens to trigger a new kind of world war.

The idea of uploaded consciousnesses has been a staple of science fiction for years; a couple of quasi-recent examples of it appearing as a central part of film and television include Wally Pfister's 2014 movie Transcendence and Greg Daniels' Amazon comedy Upload, which premiered last summer. But as we get closer and closer to this component of science fiction becoming a reality, I suspect storytellers will be engaging with this concept a lot more.

William Hurt will lend his voice to a legendary genius billionaire character named Stephen Holstrom, and Apatow will voice Maddie's new friend, Justine. Stoll and Pulver will voice multiple characters throughout the show. But get a load of the rest of this cast: in addition to Kim and Chang, who were mentioned in the synopsis, there's Paul Dano, Rosemarie DeWitt, Aaron Eckhart, Taylor Schilling, Ron Livingston, Chris Diamantopoulos, Raza Jaffrey, Scoot McNairy, Anika Noni Rose, Grey Griffin, SungWon Cho, Kevin Durand, Samuel Roukin, and Krystina Alabado. Whoa.

AMC has already given Pantheon a two-season order, and each season will consist of eight one-hour episodes.