'Mortal Kombat' Motion Posters Introduce The Roster Of Fighters Before The First Trailer Tomorrow

Mortal Kombat is coming to theaters and HBO Max this spring as part of Warner Bros. Pictures' groundbreaking new release strategy for all their 2021 feature films. Though we've seen some photos and brief snippets of footage courtesy of the studio's tease for this year's releases, fans are still waiting for the first trailer. Thankfully, they won't be waiting much longer since the first Mortal Kombat trailer will finally arrive tomorrow. But before that, a batch of Mortal Kombat motion posters introduces the roster of fighters who will be facing each other in the big screen video game adaptation.

Mortal Kombat Motion Posters

All of those characters will undoubtedly be familiar to Mortal Kombat fans since they've been part of the franchise since the earliest iterations of the video game on SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo. They've changed appearances over the years, but the movie appears to be staying true to many of the trademark wardrobe and weapon choices that have been around for nearly 30 years now.

But the Mortal Kombat motion posters also showed off a new character that fans don't know. Check him out:

That's Lewis Tan as Cole Young, a brand new character who has never been part of the video games. In the movie, Cole knows nothing of his heritage aside from a mysterious birthmark on his chest. As you can see, it just so happens to be a simple version of the Mortal Kombat symbol. You can find out more about how Cole enters the world of Mortal Kombat along with some first look photos from the movie released a little while back right here.

Tomorrow will bring the first Mortal Kombat trailer, and it would be nice if director Simon McQuoid can finally give the video game the big screen treatment that the franchise deserves. Check back tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. PT to check it out.

Mortal Kombat is slated to hit theaters and HBO Max (for 31 days) starting on April 16, 2021.