New Jordan Peele Movie Will Star Keke Palmer, With Daniel Kaluuya In Talks To Join The Cast

This is going to be one of those stories – the type where we have almost zero information to report to you, but it's worth reporting anyway. Here's the deal: Jordan Peele is making a new movie. It has a release date: July 2022. And now it has a star: Keke Palmer, whose credits include HustlersScream QueensBerlin Station, and more. In addition to that, Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya might join the cast, too. And that's really all we know, folks! We don't know the movie's title, we don't know what the movie is about, and we definitely don't know who Keke Palmer is playing. The same goes for Kaluuya, assuming he joins the cast. Sometimes that's just how these stories go.

The news about Keke Palmer joining the cast of Jordan Peele's new movie comes from Deadline. Meanwhile, Collider adds that Peele's Get Out lead Daniel Kaluuya is also in talks to join the cast, too, and that his "deal is expected to close." For now, though, Palmer is the only confirmed cast member. Beyond this casting news, we really don't know much else about this project, which can be frustrating. Peele plays things close to the vest – Get Out felt like it came out of nowhere, and it was a while before we really even knew what Us was about. Which means we're probably going to remain in the dark here for a little while longer.

That said, it's probably safe to assume that Peele's next movie is going to be a horror movie or a thriller, as he's said in the past that he wants to stick with the genre of his first two features. Plus, when this new movie was first announced, it was being billed as a "horror event title." In the past, the filmmaker said: "Horror films are important. They're ways that we as a society face our fears. Personally, they serve as a way for me to acknowledge the dark thoughts floating inside of me."

He also was quoted as saying: "I have four other social thrillers that I want to unveil in the next decade. The best and scariest monsters in the world are human beings and what we are capable of especially when we get together. I've been working on these premises about these different social demons, these innately human monsters that are woven into the fabric of how we think and how we interact, and each one of my movies is going to be about a different one of these social demons."

In other words, it sounds like whatever this new movie is, it will deal with social themes in ways similar to Get Out and Us. And that's pretty damn exciting, because both of those movies are great. I know some folks had issues with Us, but I really believe it's the type of horror film that deserves to be studied and dissected for years to come, akin to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

Jordan Peele's mysterious new movie starring Keke Palmer and maybe Daniel Kaluuya, too, will arrive on July 22, 2022.