'Yes Day' Trailer: Jennifer Garner And Edgar Ramirez Say Yes To Everything In Netflix Family Comedy

Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez are two actors you wouldn't quite expect to star together in a family comedy for Netflix, but they seem to take to their roles as frazzled parents who decide to commit to saying "yes" to their kids for one day. Watch Garner and Ramirez get into all kinds of wacky hijinks in the Yes Day trailer below.

Yes Day Trailer

Why does Edgar Ramirez's agent hate him? Why has the Venezuelan actor still not received a role that adequately serves his abilities? No shade on Yes Day, which seems like a perfectly harmless family comedy destined to hit theaters during the scarce winter months and be promptly forgotten quickly after. And Ramirez at least seems to be giving it his all in Yes Day, in which he stars opposite Jennifer Garner as parents of an unruly trio of kids (Jenna Ortega, Julian Lerner, Everly Carganilla) who convince their mom and dad to say "yes" to everything for a day.

It's part of a newfangled trend in which parents will let loose and kids get to do whatever they want, which Netflix is leaning into for its marketing for this family comedy, encouraging families to participate in the #YESDAYChallenge. Already morning shows and local news outlets are getting in on this invented social media challenge.

Like I mentioned earlier, Yes Day seems like one of those graveyard-season theatrical releases that are destined to be forgotten, but with the pandemic closing down theaters and Netflix dominating the rise of "ambient" entertainment, it's fitting that this silly family comedy will drop on this streamer. There really isn't much to say about this film: Garner and Ramirez at least seem to be having fun showing off their physical comedy chops, and Ortega, who plays their oldest daughter, shows some promise as a young rising star. And there's the fun social media aspect of getting the audience to embrace life as well, I guess.

Alos starring in Yes Day, which is directed by Miguel Arteta from a script by Justin Malen, are H.E.R., Nat Faxon, Molly Sims, Fortune Feimster, Arturo Castro.

Here is the synopsis to Yes Day:

Always feeling like they have to say NO to their kids and co-workers, Allison and Carlos decide to give their three kids a YES DAY — where for 24 hours the kids make the rules. Little did they know that they'd be going on a whirlwind adventure around Los Angeles, that would bring the family closer to each other than ever before.

Yes Day hits Netflix on March 12, 2021.