'Dead Pigs' Trailer: The Feature Debut Of 'Birds Of Prey' Director Cathy Yan Will Finally Be Available To Stream This Week

Several years after it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Cathy Yan's feature directorial debut Dead Pigs is finally getting a release in the United States. Yan's movie first screened stateside in 2019, but it's been absent from the U.S. until now, as the film is finally set to head to streaming service Mubi this Friday. Inspired by true events, Dead Pigs is billed as a "social satire about the trials and tribulations connecting a disparate group of characters as thousands of dead pigs mysteriously float down river towards a rapidly modernizing Shanghai, China."

A trailer has arrived ahead of the film's streaming debut, and you can watch it below.

Dead Pigs Trailer

When Cathy Yan was announced as the director of Birds of Prey there was a lot of talk about the buzz surrounding her feature debut, Dead Pigs. There was only one problem: Dead Pigs had never been released stateside. While the pic opened in China in 2018, it's remained elusive here – until now. Mubi is finally making the movie available for a wider audience, and they've released a new trailer to seal the deal.

"It feels a little bit like going back to my roots and going home," Yan told EW, who debuted the trailer earlier. "I am deeply proud of the film. It feels good to finally get it out there, and hopefully, it doesn't feet dated at all. I don't think it does... If anything, the last crazy four years that we've had since I actually made the movie [have made] me see the whole movie in a different light, too."

The film is described by Mubi as "Part family drama, part absurdist comedy, all-out social satire" that "weaves together disparate stories of dreamers and oddballs, recalling the best of Altman. A timely tale of modern-day Shanghai that speaks to the universal need for connection." Here's a synopsis:

The fates of an unlucky pig farmer, a feisty home-owner defending her property, a lovestruck busboy, a disenchanted rich girl, and an American expat pursuing the Chinese Dream converge and collide as thousands of dead pigs are found floating down the Huangpu River, towards a modernizing Shanghai.

The cast includes Vivian Wu (Away, The Last Emperor, The Joy Luck Club), Mason Lee (Lucy, The Hangover Pt II), Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Nine Days), Meng Li (The Bad Kids, The Guillotines, Young Love Lost), Haoyu Yang (The Wandering Earth), and David Rysdahl (The Family, Nine Days).

Dead Pigs arrives on Mubi on February 12, 2021.