'Three Men And A Baby' Remake Hires 'Brockmire' Director Mo Marable

Disney turned on the Content Spigot and unleashed a torrential flow of announcements during its Investor Day presentation at the end of last year. One of the seemingly endless number of projects that were confirmed was a remake of the 1987 comedy Three Men and a Baby. Zac Efron has been attached to star for a few months, and now word has come out that the company has hired a director for the project: Mo Marable, who's name you might recognize from the opening credits of shows like IFC's Brockmire or Hulu's Woke.

A Three Men and a Baby remake specifically made for Disney+ has been kicking around since 2018, and now we know who will direct it. Deadline reports that Maurice "Mo" Marable will be getting behind the camera for the new version. (Note: Deadline refers to this as a "reboot," but until we have confirmation that Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg, Tom Selleck, or all three are reprising their roles in this iteration, we'll assume it's a modern remake instead of a legacyquel-style continuation of the original story.) This will be Marable's feature directorial debut, although he's directed a ton of television, including episodes of Veep, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Lodge 49, Miracle Workers, Insecure, Suits, and even one episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Danson, Guttenberg, and Selleck starred in the '87 film, which was directed by Star Trek veteran Leonard Nimoy. They played three New York City bachelors who discover that one of their children – an infant – has been placed on their doorstep, so they team up to take care of it, all while a convoluted drug smuggling plot happens in the background. If you're wondering why Disney+ is interested in remaking this, it could be because the previous film was a massive success, outgrossing Fatal Attraction and Beverly Hills Cop II to become the biggest movie of 1987. It spawned a sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, and I'm sure Disney+ wouldn't mind if this one does well enough to justify greenlighting another follow-up. Ten years ago, reports began circulating that Selleck, Danson, and Guttenberg were interested in reuniting for a third movie that would have been called Three Men and a Bride, with that script that was reportedly almost completed. But that sequel never ended up happening.

Gordon Gray, the producer of family-friendly sports films like MiracleThe RookieInvincibleThe Game Plan, Secretariat, Million Dollar ArmMcFarland USA, and this year's The Way Back, will produce this new version.