'Nomadland' Heads To IMAX Theaters This Month – Check Out A Beautiful New Poster

A few days ago, we learned that Searchlight Pictures plans to put Chloé Zhao's poetic drama Nomadland into IMAX theaters at the end of this month. Now a cool Nomadland IMAX poster has arrived to promote that large-format theatrical release – although, sadly, we can't recommend seeing the movie in that format right now because of the pandemic is still raging in the United States. But at least the poster is a nice representation of the movie. Plus, the film itself arrives on streaming next month, so you don't have to wait too much longer to finally see it.

Nomadland IMAX Poster

Nomadland IMAX poster

What a cool poster. It looks like one of those placemats that used to be in roadside diners back in the day – the kind that shrink the continental U.S. down into only a few cartoony landmarks representing different areas of the country. That's the perfect approach to a poster for film, a lyrical exploration of a subculture of nomads which has rarely (if ever) been depicted on film before.

Again, since the previous presidential administration completely bungled the response to COVID-19 here in the U.S., we're suffering more than a 9/11's worth of deaths per day due to the virus, so it's irresponsible to suggest that you put yourselves in danger to see this movie on the biggest screen possible. The film would unquestionably look great in IMAX, but fingers crossed Nomadland, Tenet, and some other big films will get retrospective IMAX runs once it's actually safe for audiences to return to theaters en masse.

Nomadland, which made /Film's Best Films of 2020 list and had multiple moments on our Best Movie Moments of the Year list, begins streaming on Hulu on February 19, 2021.