New 'Avatar 2' Concept Art Shows Off Pandora's Most Expensive Airbnb

2020 was basically a wash in terms of traveling, but as the coronavirus vaccine begins to be more widely distributed, you may be finding yourself planning a vacation to finally get out of your home. In a new Instagram post, producer Jon Landau inadvertently makes the case that you might consider heading to Pandora, the fictional planet at the heart of James Cameron's Avatar franchise, because the new piece of Avatar 2 concept art he shared looks just like a super expensive Airbnb that you might find in an island nation like Tahiti.

Avatar 2 Concept Art

"Tomorrow, as part of our Behind Pandora stories, we will be featuring concept artist Jonathan Bach," Landau wrote on Instagram. "In advance of that, I thought I would share a concept illustration he created of the Metkayina village. This is just one of the many incredible images that he and the rest of our art department have created for the Avatar sequels. Thank you to everyone on the production design team!"

We've known for years that Avatar 2 would shift its focus to the waters of Pandora after the first film spent time in the forest and skies of the planet, and this village is our first look at the possible living conditions of the Na'vi who choose to live that #beachlife instead of holing up on a floating mountain.

Avatar 2 is currently slated to arrive in theaters in December 2022.