DC Film And TV Soundtracks Getting Mondo Vinyl Releases This Year

Mondo is kicking off 2021 the only way they know how: by honoring the only superhero movie that features an octopus playing the drums.

The company has announced that it will be celebrating the heroes of the DC Universe throughout 2021 with "the premiere vinyl pressings" of soundtracks to multiple DC films and TV shows, beginning with Rupert Gregson-Williams' score for James Wan's Aquaman. Other films and TV soundtracks to receive Mondo vinyl releases this year include Shazam!, the first and second seasons of Doom Patrol, and one especially exciting score that still stands as one of the best collection of music from any DC-related property: 1978's Superman: The Movie.

Mondo announced today that they'll be releasing vinyl pressings of several DC-related soundtracks over the coming year, including Aquaman, Shazam!, Doom Patrol, and a re-issue of John Williams' iconic score for Richard Donner's 1978 classic Superman: The Movie. The Aquaman vinyl is first out of the gate: it'll be available this week, starting on January 6, 2021. The other properties will follow, but the timeline is still vague on when we can expect those to be released; the only indication we have is that the Superman vinyl will be "arriving later in the year," so you'll have to be patient if you want that one.

This whole initiative is beginning with Mondo and WaterTower Music's "premiere physical release of the Deluxe edition" of Gregson-Williams' Aquaman score, which "features the complete score from the film as well as a disc of Bonus Tracks and Remixes, and includes the songs "Everything I Need" performed by Skylar Grey and "Ocean To Ocean" performed by Pitbull featuring Rhea."

Pressed on 3x 180 Gram Translucent colored vinyl with splatter, the release features all new original artwork by Pascal Blanché and is housed in a tri-fold jacket. The vinyl costs $45 at MondoShop.com, and you can find the artwork, complete tracklisting, and duration of each song below:
Side One
1. Everything I Need (Film Version) Performed by Skylar Grey 3:16
2. Arthur 4:41
3. Kingdom Of Atlantis 3:26
4. It Wasn't Meant To Be 3:22
5. Atlantean Soldiers 3:35
Side Two
1. What Does That Even Mean? 3:24
2. The Legend Of Atlan 1:57
3. Swimming Lessons 3:03
4. The Black Manta 2:50
5.What Could Be Greater Than A King? 5:23
Side Three
1. Permission To Come Aboard 2:16
2. Suited And Booted 4:25
3. Between Land And Sea 2:55
4. He Commands The Sea 3:34
Side Four
1. Map In A Bottle 2:16
2. The Ring of Fire 4:58
3. Reunited 1:32
4. Everything I Need – Performed by Skylar Grey 3:21
5. Ocean To Ocean – Performed by Pitbull featuring Rhea 2:25
6. Trench Engaged (From Kingdom Of The Trench) 2:30
Side Five – Bonus Tracks
1. MeraMontage 2:04
2. Home Invasion 2:48
3. Saving Pops 3:04
4. Ahab Waves 1:30
5. Ask the Sea 1:59
6. Obligation 1:25
7. Dunes 2:04
Side Six – Remixes
1. Suited & Booted (Our Empire Remix) 3:57
2. The Black Manta (Future Funk Squad Remix) 5:10
3. Atlantean Soldiers (Glen Nicholls 'March in Formation' Remix) 5:00
4. Kingdom of Atlantis (Glen Nicholls 'Escape to Atlantis' Remix) 6:37