John Ratzenberger Is In Pixar's 'Soul'...If You Can Find Him

Only one actor has lent his voice to every Pixar Animation feature film since the company broke the animation mold with Toy Story back in 1995: John Ratzenberger. The former Cheers actor, who has given life to Pixar characters like Hamm, P.T. Flea, and The Underminer, continues his streak as the studio's "good luck charm" by appearing in their newest movie, Soul, which is now streaming on Disney+. But who does he play?

Pete Docter, one of Soul's directors, confirmed in a recent interview that a John Ratzenberger Soul cameo did indeed happen, despite the actor not appearing in the credits of the movie. "He's...I don't want to give (it away), I don't want to be too specific," Docter told CinemaBlend. "But John Ratzenberger does make a cameo in the film."

Naturally, that leaves everyone wondering who exactly he played in the movie. The real answer is: we're not entirely sure! But this is the Internet, so of course there is already some speculation floating around. As far as I can tell, the best guess seems to be that Ratzenberger voices a guy on the subway who appears about an hour into the movie. When Joe Gardner and his cat pal Mr. Mittens board the subway, the train starts up and throws Joe off balance, knocking him into a man who was standing nearby looking at his phone. "Hey, take it easy, huh?" the guy yells in a thick New York accent, and there's a chance it's Ratzenberger. But that's still unconfirmed, so fans will have to continue to sift through the smaller speaking roles trying to pinpoint his voice until Docter or one of the other filmmakers finally spills the beans.

While you're combing through the film trying to solve the Ratzenberger mystery, you can keep your eyes peeled for several other easter eggs. Pixar's upcoming film Luca is teased on a travel poster at one point during Soul, the wall of stickers from 22's previous mentors is rife with fun selections (including one we talked about when I spoke with the filmmakers), and the Pizza Planet truck appears in a wide shot of the vast Hall of Everything. There's an especially deep cut that appears on a subway shot later in the movie: you can see an obscured advertisement for Brang, the fictional company Riley's dad works for in Docter's previous film, Inside Out. Check out more at WDWNT.