Cool Stuff: 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' Kicks Off New 2021 Waxwork Records Vinyl Soundtrack Subscription

Waxwork Records is one of our favorite vinyl soundtrack suppliers, and almost every week, they're putting out a great new horror, fantasy, sci-fi or genre movie soundtrack. On top of the frequent new vinyl soundtracks, for the past six years, they've offered a special annual subscription package that brings a handful of exclusive vinyl releases and additional goodies. Next year will keep the tradition alive with the 2021 Waxwork Records Subscription bundle, which will kick off with the first ever Killer Klowns from Outer Space vinyl soundtrack release. And that's just the beginning!

2021 Waxwork Records Subscription

Waxword Records 2021 Subscription

Below are all of the soundtracks that will be included in the 2021 Waxwork Records Subscription, along with the official descriptions from Waxwork Records themselves.

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Waxwork Records is thrilled to announce Killer Klowns From Outer Space 2xLP as part of our 2021 Subscription! Available for the first time on vinyl, this deluxe release has been sourced and re-mastered from the original 1988 master tapes. FINALLY! We are honored to work with composer John Massari and MGM to bring you the complete original film music to Killer Klowns for the very first time on vinyl format!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (1986)

Continuing our bloody streak of slashers and madmen, we are so excited to present, for the very first time in any format, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 Original Motion Picture Score Music by Tobe Hooper and Jerry Lambert! Waxwork worked closely with MGM to locate and transfer the original 1986 master tapes of the score. Over 8 hours of score music, terrifying sound design, and musique concrète were sourced and are currently being mixed by composer Jerry Lambert himself. You know the drill – all new artwork, re-mastered audio, deluxe packaging, multi-LP, the works!


Carrie (1976)

We are beyond thrilled to present, for the very first time on vinyl, a complete and expanded Carrie 2xLP film score album by Pino Donaggio! Sourced from the original 1976 master tapes, we are so excited to bring you the definitive score vinyl release to Brian De Palma's masterpiece film adaptation of Stephen King's landmark novel.

Alice, Sweet Alice

Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

Full disclosure, we have been trying to release Stephen Lawrence's haunting score to Alice, Sweet Alice since we started Waxwork Records. After years of working with the composer and director Alfred Sole's nephew, Dante Tomaselli, to locate the original master tapes, we are ecstatic to announce that they were unearthed this year and we have remastered the complete original score for vinyl! The hunt was REAL! We absolutely love this grimy and chilling 1970's horror flick, and the music has never sounded better! Just wait until you see the retro inspired art by Steven Reeves!


Bloodsport (1988)

What can we say? If you're down, then you're DOWN! Bloodsport, y'all! No more searching the secondary market for a prohibitively expensive original copy. We're bringing you an expanded and complete Bloodsport Original Motion Picture Score 2xLP by Paul Hertzog! You'll be able to practice your round house kicks while jamming out to the lush 1980's synth driven masterpiece!

On top of exclusive color variants of all five of those soundtrack releases, you'll also get a 2021 Waxwork Records calendar, a Spinature of the monstrous Nosferatu, an embroidered hat, a hoodie, a t-shirt, an enamel pin, a turntable slipmat, a tote bag for LPs, and a 10% discount on Waxwork Records releases throughout 2021 (excluding box sets).

If all that sounds good to you, then you can sign up right now at Waxwork Records for $250.00. As of now, it's not clear when these items would start arriving on your doorstep, but at least you know that you'll have plenty of cool things to look forward to in 2021.