David Cronenberg Is Working On Two Movies And A Series, And Will Return For More 'Star Trek: Discovery' Episodes

The Mandalorian had Werner Herzog, and now Star Trek: Discovery has David Cronenberg. The Canadian auteur who made body horror sexy recently appeared on the CBS All Access series as a character named Kovich, and in a new interview, Cronenberg confirms he'll be back for more episodes. He also confirms that he's working on three projects – two films and a series. But first, he needs to finance them. Anyone wanna throw David Cronenberg some dough? 

David Cronenberg is no stranger to acting. In addition to having cameos in his own films, he had a big supporting role in Clive Barker's Nightbreed, and he's popped up in random films from time to time – like Jason X, the Friday the 13th film where Jason goes to space. But that still didn't prepare people for Cronenberg having a guest-starring role on Star Trek: Discovery. And he's not done yet, either. Speaking with Variety, the filmmaker confirmed that he'll be appearing in more episodes this season – season 3 – and that he'll be back for season 4, too. When asked as to why he's suddenly appearing on Discovery, Cronenberg replied: "I'm cheap and I'm available. I live in Toronto, and it's being shot in Toronto. I think that's my main qualification."

But what about directing? Cronenberg hasn't helmed a film since 2014's Maps to the Stars. According to the interview, Cronenberg is "seeking to finance three projects he's written, two features and one series." Perhaps that's the real reason he's suddenly decided to appear on Star Trek: Discovery – to drum up cash for his potential films. That said, Cronenberg also adds: "If I do direct again, it wouldn't be to direct an episode of a series." So I'm not entirely sure what his endgame is here – the "If I do direct again" statement sure makes it sound like he's not 100% certain he's getting back behind the camera. And while he says he's hoping to raise money for a series, he also says he won't direct an episode of TV.

I really hope that Cronenberg does direct at least one more movie, and that it's horror-adjacent. I was not a fan of Maps to Stars, and while I know plenty of people loved his 2012 film Cosmopolis, that didn't do much for me either. And while I liked both Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method, neither of them can be classified as horror. I guess what I'm saying is I want one more old-school, body-horror-filled Cronenberg film. That's not too much to ask for, is it?