'Star Wars: Rogue Squadron': Patty Jenkins Will Become First Woman To Direct A 'Star Wars' Film

Update: Disney has confirmed that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will open on December 22, 2023. Our original post follows.

Huge news out of Lucasfilm: Patty Jenkins, the director of Monster, Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman 1984, will direct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, a new live-action Star Wars feature film which will be released theatrically. Check out a behind the scenes video of Jenkins talking about the project below. 

Jenkins explains that she is the daughter of a great fighter pilot, and was thrilled as a child to bear witness to those jets blasting by overhead. When her father was killed during his service to the U.S., Jenkins made it her mission to one day make "the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time." After years of searching for the perfect story, she finally found it in Rogue Squadron.

"I couldn't be more excited that our next Star Wars feature film will be directed by Patty Jenkins," said Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy. "Patty, director of the Wonder Woman franchise, will bring her inspired vision to Rogue Squadron. This story will introduce a new generation of star fighter pilots as they earn their wings and risk their lives in a boundary-pushing high speed thrill ride. The legend of Rogue Squadron has been long beloved by Star Wars fans and will move us into a future era of the galaxy," she revealed.

Rogue Squadron will be released in theaters on Christmas 2023.