'History Of Swear Words' Trailer: Host Nicolas Cage Guides You Through The Wonderful World Of Vulgarity

Introducing Nicolas Cage, Professor of Cursing. Cage is the host of a new Netflix comedy series called History of Swear Words, which promises to explore the amusing origins of all sorts of dirty words and cussin'. The show will feature a cavalcade of guest stars, including Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, and Isiah Whitlock Jr., who has turned uttering the word "s***" into an art form. Watch the History of Swear Words trailer below.

History of Swear Words Trailer

We all love Nicolas Cage. He's one of the most original actors out there, and even if you don't like all the movies he makes (and how could you?), you have to admit that he's always going for it. He never phones in a performance. Indeed, if anything, he often ends up being the only interesting thing in lackluster movies. And to his credit, Mr. Cage has embraced his identity as a kind of walking, talking meme. He knows you think he's weird, and he's okay with that.

Case in point: Cage is now hosting a Netflix series called History of Swear Words, and based on the trailer above, he's having fun with it. Lots of fun. And I immediately want to watch this. History of Swear Words is described by Netflix as "An education in expletives: the history lesson you didn't know you needed. History of Swear Words, hosted by Nicolas Cage, is a loud and proudly profane series that explores the origins, pop culture-usage, science and cultural impact of curse words. Through interviews with experts in etymology, pop culture, historians and entertainers, the six-episode series dives into the origins of "F**k", "Sh*t", "B*tch", "D**k", "Pu**y", and "Damn"."

In addition to Cage the show will feature guest stars Joel Kim Booster, DeRay Davis, Open Mike Eagle, Nikki Glaser, Patti Harrison, London Hughes, Jim Jefferies, Zainab Johnson, Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Baron Vaughn, and Isiah Whitlock Jr. And it's safe to say that Whitlock Jr. will be talking about s***, since he's made that word his catchphrase.

In addition to the guest stars, there are also a gaggle of experts: Benjamin Bergen (PhD, Cognitive Scientist, Author of What The F), Anne Charity Hudley (PhD, Linguist and Educator), Mireille Miller-Young (PhD, Professor of Feminist Studies), Elvis Mitchell (Film Critic/Host of The Treatment on KCRW), Melissa Mohr (PhD, Author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing), and Kory Stamper (Lexicographer, Author Of Word By Word).

The six-episode series comes from showrunner and executive producer Bellamie Blackstone, and will arrive on Netflix on January 5.