Cool Stuff: Make Your Own Personalized Funko POP People Starting This Week

There are countless kinds of Funko POP vinyl collectible figures featuring your favorite characters from movies and TV shows, not to mention figures based on video games, comic books, musicians, sports teams, and more. But have you ever wanted a Funko POP of yourself? Now you can get one without paying for a bootleg version.

Funko is introducing mini-factories that will allow fans to create their own personalized POP People at their headquarters in Everett, Washington and the Funko Hollywood shop. You can make it look like yourself or maybe get one for your grandma who has no idea what Funko POPs are. Find out more below.

Make Your Own Funko POPs

The Hollywood Reporter has word that Funko POP People will be launching on December 11 with mini POP factories that will offer "thousands of combinations of hair, apparel and other attributes to create the likeness you're looking for." So how does it work? Here's how Funko explained the process:

"The stores will have kiosks that display the pieces, and customers will fill out order forms to make their piece selections. They will then bring their completed order form to the Pop! Factory counter and process the order. As soon as the 'builder' is done popping the pieces together, the customer will be contacted to pick up their completed Pop! in a customized box!"

The good news is that they're not exorbitantly priced either. Each customized POP People figure will only cost $25.

This isn't the first time Funko has offered fans the chance to create custom Funko POPs. Funko HQ allows fans to create their own unique Freddy Funko or Monster figure with hundreds of pieces to choose from. But this is the first time fans have been able to make themselves, and it sounds like the customization options are much more plentiful.

For those of you in Hollywood where there may or may not be a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Funko shop there will be offering curbside order and pick-up. Once things are back to normal, this will be a necessary stop if you happen to be visiting Hollywood.