Heart Biopic: 'Portlandia' Star Carrie Brownstein Directing Film About The Female-Led Rock Band

Heart, the rock band that rose to popularity in the 1970s and '80s thanks to its shredding guitar riffs and powerful vocals from sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, is getting the biopic treatment.

Carrie Brownstein, the Peabody Award-winning writer and actress who starred alongside Fred Armisen in the comedy series Portlandia, is set to direct the Heart biopic for Amazon Studios.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM's Lyndsey Parker (via THR), Heart co-founder, lead singer, and guitarist Ann Wilson spilled the beans about the biopic of the band.

"Yeah, there's [a biopic] in the works," she confirmed. "I can't tell you all about it, because it's still being written right now. Carrie Brownstein is writing it. I saw the first draft of the script. It's really cool. She's working with the movie company Amazon, and with producer Lynda Obst, who did Sleepless in Seattle."

Some of Obst's other producing credits include Interstellar, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Contact, The Fisher King, and Adventures in Babysitting.

Wilson also revealed that Anne Hathaway is one of the actresses who have already come forward to express interest in starring in the film as Ann, but evidently, the real Ann was not impressed. "I don't think she's exactly right for it, you know?" she said.

The script – or at least the draft that Wilson has read – "started in childhood and ended in the '90s," indicating that this will not be a contained slice of life film but instead a full-on exploration of the band's formation and its epic highs in those decades. Why filmmakers keep choosing to make music biopics in that style in the wake of Walk Hard, I'll never know. But general audiences obviously eat this stuff up, as evidenced by Bohemian Rhapsody being nominated for all of those Oscars not too long ago and Rami Malek actually winning Best Actor, so if Queen and Elton John can have their moment in the biopic spotlight, why not Heart?

As for Brownstein, she's an acclaimed musician herself. She's been part of bands like Sleater-Kinney, Excuse 17, and Wild Flag, and is a talented guitarist in her own right who was likely inspired by Heart's power ballads when she was coming up in the music scene. She has directed several episodes of television, but this will be her feature directorial debut.

Here are a few of Heart's greatest hits, including the jaw-dropping "Crazy on You," the gnarly "Barracuda," and the soaring earworms "What About Love," "These Dreams," and "Alone."