'Wonder Woman 1984' International Release Dates: Here's When You Can See Patty Jenkins' Sequel Outside The U.S.

Last week, WarnerMedia made the surprising and unprecedented decision to release Patty Jenkins' highly anticipated superhero sequel Wonder Woman 1984 into theaters on Christmas Day and also simultaneously release it on HBO Max in the United States. (I say "unprecedented" because this is the first time a mega-budgeted superhero film will be put straight onto a streaming service and subscribers will not be charged extra to watch it.)

But when will you get to see the movie if you're not in the U.S.? And if you are in the States, exactly how long will you need to be on guard to dodge spoilers? Check out a list of the international Wonder Woman 1984 release dates below.

Variety has a helpful list breaking down the Wonder Woman 1984 release date per country:Wednesday, December 16 — Belgium, Bulgaria, Egypt, Estonia, France, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Indonesia, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, United KingdomThursday, December 17 — Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East – Other, Nicaragua, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab EmiratesFriday, December 18 — China, East Africa, Japan, Nigeria, Spain, VietnamWednesday, December 23 — Austria, Germany, KoreaThursday, December 24 — Hungary, SloveniaFriday, December 25 — Canada, Colombia, Finland, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Venezuela, United StatesSaturday, December 26 — Australia, New ZealandThursday, December 31 — ArgentinaThursday, January 7 — Ukraine, UruguayFriday, January 8 — PhilippinesThursday, January 14 — Azerbaijan, CIS Others, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, RussiaFriday, January 15 — Romania, TurkeyThursday, January 21 — Chile, PeruFriday, January 22 — PolandThursday, January 28 — ItalyTBD — Bahrain, Ghana, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Asia – Other, LatAm – Other, Islands – Other

Variety says that WB "opted to release the Wonder Woman sequel earlier in international markets in an effort to avoid piracy concerns," and while that tactic may work for the company in the macro sense, it puts U.S. viewers in a bit of a bind. I suppose that's what we get for not taking the coronavirus pandemic more seriously as a country.

So if you're in the United States, December 16 is the day you should circle on your calendars. If you care about going into Wonder Woman 1984 without knowing anything more than what you've seen in the trailers so far, that's when you need to switch to high alert mode any time you access a social media platform. I expect things to significantly ramp up on December 17 when the movie hits theaters in Brazil, which is the annual site of CCXP, the biggest pop culture festival in the entire world.