Disney Isn't Waiting For Avengers Campus To Open To Sell Spider-Bot Toys

Are you ready to purchase Spider-Man themed toys from a Disney theme park, even if that theme park isn't fully open? Very soon, you'll be able to do just that.

Like nearly all American companies, The Walt Disney Company has been significantly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with analysts estimating this past summer that Disney could lose as much as a billion dollars a month because of theme park closures. Florida's Walt Disney World has since re-opened, so maybe the real number isn't as drastic as the prediction suggested, but Disneyland remains closed to this day and has no realistic path to re-opening in sight. (I'm not asking you to feel bad for a multi-national conglomerate when we're all suffering during this hellish period in history – just trying to provide some context.)

But theme park closures are not going to stop Disney from making money however it can, and one way the Mouse House is looking to rake in some extra dough is by releasing theme park merchandise for Avengers Campus, even though that Marvel superhero-themed section of the park is not open yet. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on a Spider-Bot this holiday season.

Spider-Bots Video

Here is the official description of the brand new Spider-Bots, which will presumably be sold in the gift shop area of Web-Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, the new ride coming soon to Disneyland:

Every Super Hero needs a friendly sidekick to help protect their neighborhood. These Spider-Bots put you in control of the action to battle opponents with programmed combat and defensive abilities. They can crawl backward and forward, crouch, spin 360°, stare down with their laser eyes, attack opponent Spider-Bots and even blast off their shields.

Spider-Bots recently appeared in Marvel's Spider-Man video game from 2018, where you could control them as Peter Parker and move them through the city as part of a few different side quests.

Worldwide Engineering Brigade, or WEB, is the fictional company created by Tony Stark in the theme park universe's narrative. Spider-Bots and new WEB apparel will be available in the Downtown Disney District of Disneyland, and at both World of Disney and Disneyland Resort Backlot Premiere Shop beginning December 4, 2020.

But according to the Disney Parks blog, annual passholders will have early access to this new merch. They'll be able to make a reservation for a special limited-quantity pre-sale event selling these Spider-Bots and other special Avengers Campus stuff in the Downtown Disney District; that early event runs from November 30 through December 3. For more information, visit the Annual Passholder Facebook page, which will be updated with relevant info on November 25.