'The Christmas Chronicles 2' Is Playing In Cinemark Theaters For One Week

Happy Holidays! I can't advise you to return to movie theaters right now, but if you want to chance it, here's some good news...I guess? The Christmas Chronicles 2, the Netflix movie that brings back Kurt Russell as a cool silver fox Santa Claus, will be playing in select Cinemark theaters for a week in three markets, including Dallas and San Francisco. So if you're in those areas and want to risk your life to watch Kurt Russell get into holiday hijinks, you're in luck.

The theatrical landscape is in a precarious place at the moment. Many theaters remain closed, and as the coronavirus numbers continue to spike, it seems unlikely they'll be reopening anytime soon. Further complicating things is the big news that Warner Bros. is completely obliterating the theatrical-to-streaming window by releasing Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max on Christmas Day, the same exact day it'll open in select theaters. Once upon a time, that window was roughly three months. That changed this year with the coronavirus and the streaming release of Trolls: World Tour.

And Warner Bros. isn't the only studio shrugging off that theatrical-to-streaming window. Now it looks like Netflix is doing the same, albeit not on such an extreme level, with The Christmas Chronicles 2. Per Deadline, the Kurt Russell sequel will play in select Cinemark theaters for a week before it hits Netflix on November 25. AKA: now.

"In light of the current operating environment, we are making near-term booking decisions on a film-by-film basis. We are pleased to collaborate with Netflix on this limited three-market test and show The Christmas Chronicles 2 in select Cinemark theatres," a Cinemark rep said. Those three markets include Dallas and San Francisco. Whether or not people are going to venture to a movie theater to watch something they can watch from the safety of their own homes in a few days is another story. Especially when that movie is The Christmas Chronicles 2.

In The Christmas Chronicles 2, "It's been two years since siblings Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis) saved Christmas, and a lot has changed. Kate, now a cynical teenager, is reluctantly spending Christmas in Cancun with her mom's new boyfriend and his son Jack (Jahzir Bruno). Unwilling to accept this new version of her family, Kate decides to run away. But when a mysterious, magical troublemaker named Belsnickel threatens to destroy the North Pole and end Christmas for good, Kate and Jack are unexpectedly pulled into a new adventure with Santa Claus (Kurt Russell)."