Cool Stuff: New 'Star Wars' Black Series Figures Include Moff Gideon, Asajj Ventress & More

Another Mando Monday has come and gone, and while The Mandalorian merchandise reveals haven't always been thrilling every single week, there tends to be a handful of new items that are worth looking at. In addition to new Star Wars Black Series figures from The Mandalorian being revealed this week, including Moff Gideon with the Darksaber, a few characters from The Clone Wars are coming to shelves next year too, such as villain Asajj Ventress.

New Star Wars Black Series Figures - The Mandalorian

The last of the major supporting characters from The Mandalorian are finally being released in Hasbro's Black Series line, and the most exciting addition is easily Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon. Aside from the show's villain being necessary for a proper collection of figures from The Mandalorian, this also brings the Darksaber into your collection.

It's been a long time since we had a good Carl Weathers action figure, but the Black Series has changed that by finally giving Greef Karga his own figure. He's got dual laser pistols, and just standing with his hands on his hips, he's got that swagger about him.

Even though the Ugnaughts have never been a popular figure from previous Star Wars toy lines, fans will definitely want to pick up Kuiil. Not only will this complete any scene involving IG-11, but he'll make a great babysitter for The Child.

All three of these figures sold out pretty quickly at Hasbro Pulse, but you can still pre-order them at Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store, and they're expected to ship in January 2021.

New Star Wars Black Series Figures - The Clone Wars

Thanks to the revival of the animated series The Clone Wars, there's renewed interest in seeing some of the characters from the show given a proper action figure in the 6-inch arena. Many fans have been waiting patiently to see Asajj Ventress get her own action figure, and she's finally arriving next year, along with her signature dual lightsabers.

Since the Clone Troopers known as The Bad Batch will be getting their own spin-off series in the future, they're gonna need their own action figures too. First out of the gate will be Crosshair and Hunter, each with their own unique weapons and armor.

These three figures also sold out fast at Hasbro Pulse, but they're available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store. Unfortunately, these won't be shipping until June 2021, so you'll be waiting awhile before they join your collection.